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We shall rise again !


As the whole world watches,
All eyes upon our fate,
What will be their future?
Wondering, they all wait
The doom and wrath this land has seen,
Is beyond calculation,
Hearts ache to see our homeless friends,
The people of our nation
Puzzled with the twist of luck,
Wrinkled eyes gaze, confused,
Searching for their little toys,
Innocent feet toddle, bemused,
Lying under the open sky,
Staring at the stars,
longing the comfort of their homes,
counting seconds, minutes and hours
Pondering when this horrible nightmare
Will finally come to an end,
Gazing up at the heavens, awaiting
God's blessings to descend,
Lets hold those frail hands in our own,
Lets lift those who have fallen,
Lets wipe all those tears away,
And restore all smiles, stolen
Each little effort is worthwhile,
Although a brick in the wall,
For if united, we shall stand,
Divided, we shall fall,
Although the night seems endless,
O people, don't refrain,
For at dawn the world shall see,
We shall rise again

                                                                                                             -- Zeenat Khan



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