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Girls suicide cases increase in Chitral

Chitral --
It is a challenging question, as to why more and more young girls are committing suicide in Chitral, despite being one of the peaceful areas of the region. A few months ago, I counted five-suicide cases in thirty days. The government of Pakistan has done nothing to research this trend nor has any NGO. They merely count heads of suicide committers and issue statements. Being human beings, we all must be worried about this and try do something to curb it.

I felt very happy when I heard about Dr Hameeda, a Chitrali daughter who recently completed her PhD in England but at the same time I felt so sad because we lost five daughters within a month. If we will not try to find solution for this menace, it will surely increase progressively and we will lose precious lives.

I personally; and also on behalf of all Chitrali urge the Government of Pakistan and NGOs to please try to look into and find solution for this disastrous trend. --A.Ali Chinar, Mastuj, 30 Dec 2010



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