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Want to stay young forever?

Youth forget how to write

Paradise Recycled

Mind reading now possible

Fix your belly fat now

For being healthy, attitude is crucial

Father at 74, says bananas responsible

Oil Mafia cause of world energy crisis!

Breast implant explosives, the new terror weapon

Spice of life? Turmeric protects liver

Debauchee King Edward VIIs love seat

Mathematician claims he can predict the future

Invisibility cloak finally created

Triplet births on the rise, study says

'Secret to ageing' discovered

Now, Global power available for any Military

The book that might put you off eating meat for life

Why green tea is good for you

You need to think out of the box

US defence contractor has God ‘in its sights’

Now Intellectual dishonesty too on the rise

France tops World's best places to live in

Now, Synthetic Alcohol without hangover

A proposal Saudis can't refuse

Reader's Digest goes bankrupt!

Broken hearts mend with 'patch'

Vintage Playboy bunnies

Women of the future will be shorter,

Aphrodisiac sheets, magnetic tea towels !

Arctic Ocean 'will be ice-free in 20 years'

Every fourth human is a Muslim

Mayor won't stop begging

Nepal holds Cabinet meeting at Everest

Maldives,underwater cabinet meeting

2040,you will be able to upload your brain

Top 10 Bad Things That Are Good For You

Britons trying to save Bees

High Security Alert !!

Easy ways to cure acidity

Thankfulness key to happier life

'Viagra cream' could prove safer

World's first Islamic search engine

Will our children live to be 150?

10 superfoods for shedding weight

The Fattest States of America - map

Eating lots of fructose impairs memory:

Women gain more  out of exercise

Can get man to Mars in 39 days

Vintage Playboy bunnies

How to photograph the invisible

Now, growing replacement bones

Try natural scents to de-stress yourself

How to keep a secret

Cars may soon be powered by urine

Breathing exercise to reduce stress

Travel agents offer sunshine insurance

Fat men more faithful, says research

Computers will know what you want

Ultra low calorie diet ups life

Karachi is world's 4th cheapest city

5 must-have SMS tips for pros

The pay as you go girlfriends

Granny, 99, trains for 'Games'

Old age begins at 68

Milk reduces your calorie intake

World's first synthetic gourmet dish'

Fatness causes global warming

What will the world look like by 2050?

Milky Way 'tastes of raspberries'

Women eat less in men's company: study

Raw tomatoes may not be that healthy

9 new X chromosomes uncovered

Drink vegetable juice to shed weight

Gloomy days 'good for brain'

'Scientist unravels moon dust mystery

Silent heart attacks more common

Single cell triggers prostate cancer

The perfect slimming breakfast

Brain makes up for memory loss

Now, doctors can see your lungs

Two-thirds teenagers don't believe in God

Tomato pill 'beats heart disease'

Happiness 'can be inherited'

Now, Invisibility cloak edges closer

Revealed: The secret of self-control

Space smells funny: Discovery crew

8.2 seconds 'needed to fall in love'

Chicken soup fights high blood pressure

The World's Billionaires 2009

Experts pin down exactly how much exercise you need

An artificial heart for Rs 1 lakh, courtesy IIT-Kgp

Vitamin C may ward off gout in men, study says

Coming soon: A vaccine for diabetes

Green tea helps keep teeth healthy

Hot chillies can help mitigate pain

Woman, 48, goes back to school
Heart pill to erase bad memories

India to launch cow urine s cold drink

New technique to read people's minds

Your breath may soon power jets

Short fast sprints 'cut' diabetes

Day-dreaming is good for health

Men smell of cheese, women of onion

A 'memory pill' to boost brain power

Sweet ride: Cars to run on sugar soon

Ossama hair salon changes name to Obama

Intake of vitamin D can prevent diabetes

5 Ways to Beef Up Your Brain

Why garlic's good for the heart

How to outsmart your impulses

British scientists dismiss 'detox' myth

Forget the bungalow, retire to Mars

Fake president on Facebook

Move on Viagra, `sex chip’ is here

A step closer to self-powered kit

'Bailout' beats 'maverick' for word of the year

'Good cholesterol' might not be good

'UK men, women most promiscuous'

Drink brewed tea to protect your teeth

Thankfulness key to happier life

Deep sleep ups creativity, memory

Top 10 Bad Things That Are Good For You

Periods of healthy old age vary

Google resurrects ancient Rome

Shed tears to stay healthy

Portable power: Tiny solar cells show promise

Bookie offers odds of 4-1 that God exists

Saturn moon oil can solve fuel crisis

You're most creative at 10:04 pm

A suit to turn you into Superman

Jacket to harness solar energy

5 Essential Weight Loss Foods

Preacher with 86 wives asked to behave

Men unhappy with their bodies

Discover the secret of slow

Bare-breasted virgins compete for Swazi king

Men's infidelity lies in their genes

Online maps 'wiping out history'

Priest to hold beauty pageant for nuns

N Korea 'develops special noodle'

Thai monarch is world's richest royal - Forbes

Spot a liar with his 'blinking'

Running 'can slow ageing process'

'Sexercise' yourself into shape

'Jesus played cricket as a child'

'Can anyone hear that picture?'

Woman found NZ before Cook?

Feeling hungry can make you happy

New way to store solar energy

Are nano-foods the next scary items?

Get run down 'to win over women'

Vegetarians prone to strokes: Study

More over 70s 'are enjoying 'it'

Green tea good for heart: Study

'Entire life' sold for £192,000

Good lifestyle can transform genes

Monkey means business at Indian school

Watermelon fetches 650,000 yen!

Sex in space is a flailing exercise

Love hormone to 'banish shyness'

Robotic suit that boosts strength

Lesbos islanders dispute gay name

Pollution can make you bald

Man wants his name to be ‘In God We Trust’

Christians offered mobile ‘prayer alerts’

Priest unwittingly blesses strip club

The potato makes a comeback

Male sex hormone may affect stock trades

Drug to ward off painful memories

A few minutes is best !

 Cleaning 'improves mental health'

Animal dung coffee at £50 a cup

The odd couple

Don't drink too much water: Study

Staying in shape 'hard for women'

Pensioner’s litter addiction

Man101 marries 98 years old girlfriend

Five wheels better than two?

Miser ordered to buy wife 124,000 roses

Daytime dozing 'stroke warning'

'Sexercise' yourself into shape

Synthetic life 'advance' reported

X-ray gun lets you see through walls

New efficient bulb sees the light

Man gulps down feast to support the hungry

Sect holes-up in cave to await end of world

Earth - melting in the heat?

Toilet conference opens in Delhi

Gossip more powerful than truth

Marriage with robots?

Which nation lives best!

On a man's mind? no, it's in the nose

Get rid of your unhappy past

Stay healthy, save money

Eat potatoes for strong immunity

Talking paper made by scientists

Oldest man turns 111

Misery is the secret to happiness

Sleep can stimulate sexsomniacs

Try this out!

Rich Iranians pay for nice noses

Military Inc a best seller

A ban on match-making

New Everest climbing record

Sleep protects memories: Study

Algerian bears septuplets

Love at first bite

Internet romance: Paki man weds US woman

Beef diet 'damages sons' sperm'

Hi-tech 'threat' to private life

Love is a patch on the skin

Tea and slavery: a curious mix

'Hormonal' women most attractive

Now, Thought controlled computer

Smell roses for better memory

Rich Guys: Bill Gates tops again

Health: Sleep tips for weary women

Hot baths may cut male fertility

Path to true happiness 'revealed'

'Jungle girl' speaks

Caught daydreaming? Blame brain's settings

Claims to have invented perpetual energy

Girl sold in open auction

Soul is the ultimate G-spot for happiness'

Is this how humans will evolve next?

How to outsmart your impulses

'Made in China' now made in Egypt

Seniors can enjoy it into their 80's

Women more tentative than men

Now. a light bulb that lasts 25 years

Oh no! Positive thinking is bad for you?