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To Life -Poem

Have you ever seen
The eyes of a dead man?
So lifeless, so cold,
Staring without any vision,
Depicting the hollow, spiritless remain
that's left behind,
That had a thinking mind,
Just a little while ago,
Deciphering, analyzing
The happenings around it,
A beating heart
rushing the blood to all the vessels,
Working senses, moving muscles,
While the soul has soared,
With all the dreams,
Those eyes once had,
With all the memories
good and bad,
Some flashes from the past,
The good old days of yesteryears,
Some hopes perhaps,
Some inmost fears,
A reminiscence of the first day at school,
First love,
First achievement,
The first sting of deception,
First journey's reflection,
His mother's tender voice,
and father's first advice,
All gone with a whiff,
A snap, a blink of the eye,
Such a sudden goodbye,
Like a house
which once bustled with energy and zeal,
was suddenly a deserted wreck,
With neither a whisper,
Nor a single squeal,
As if it had never seen life,
Such are those cold, cold eyes,
They make me realize,
That I am alive,
Still breathing,
Still dreaming,
With blood rushing in my vessels,
Thinking mind and flexing muscles,
Still given the chance
to smile at the world around me,
To smell and see the roses so red ,
Inhale the smell of baking bread,
To hug my children,
Kiss the loving hands of my mother,
Share a joke or two with my brother,
I can talk, argue and debate,
Apologize for the errors I've made,
Still be grateful for all I enjoy,
Before my spirit, too,
Soars to the sky


                                              Zeenat Khan



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