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'....unto God shall we return' -- Al Quran

. Major Shahzada Mohyuddin passes away. (Chitral 24 Dec 10) Major Shahzada Mohyuddin passed away at Abbottabad after a protracted illness. He was the father of Brigadier Dr Shuja ul Mulk, Dr Khurshid ul Mulk, Shahzada Raza ul Mulk, Dr Kaneez Fatima and father in law of (late) Shahzada Shuja ur Rehman. He was the first and probably the only Armoured Corps officer of the Pakistan Army from Chitral.  He will be laid to rest at Mizhigram Arkari, Chitral.

. Former Nazim UC Mastuj Syed Ibrahim Shah (Chitral 16 Dec 10) Former Nazim UC Mastuj Syed Ibrahim Shah passed away after returning from performing Haj. He was father of Captain Syed Ismail Shah and brother of Badshah Gul and Head Master Abdul Raoof.

. Father of Zahiruddin Manager passes away : (Chitral 15 Dec 10) Father of Zahiruddin Manager (in Canada) and Meraj Uddin of AKHS passed away in Booni.

. Mother of Abdul Sami passes away : (Chitral 22 Aug 10) Mother of Moulana Abdul Sami, Information Secy JUI Chitral, passed away at Faizabad, Chitral town.

. Haji Gul Furooz passes away : (Chitral 20 July 10) Prominent businessman of Chitral Bazar, Haji Gul Furooz passed away at the age of 101. He was a philanthropist and well known figure of Chitral town.

. Engr Muhammad Qasim passes away : (Chitral 24 June 10) Engr Muhammad Qasim of Jang Bazar Chitral  a former Director C&W, passed away due to cardiac arrest in Peshawar. His body was brought to and buried in Chitral.

. Zulfiqar Ahmad's sister, passes away : (Chitral 22 May 10) Sister of Zulfiqar Ahmad, an Islamabad based journalist passed away. Her body was taken to ancestral village Koozh Yarkhoon for burial.

. Sher Khyberi, passes away : (Chitral 21 May 10) Sher Khyberi Accountant at the DCO office and resident of Tordeh Chitral town, passed away after suffering a massive heart attack at his office. He was the father of Israr, Nisar etc.

. Wife Of Shahzada Riaz Jillanee passes away : (Chitral 12 May 10) Wife of Shahzada Riaz Jillanee of Bumbagh passed away after a protracted illness. She was the mother of Shahzada Umar, and sister in law of Shahzada Nisar Jillanee and Dr Faizul Mulk Jillanee

. Nizamuddin of Jughoor passes away : (Chitral 23 Apr 10) Nizamuddin of Jughoor passed away. He was the brother of Israruddin Advocate and Late Commissioner Meraj uddin.

. Doulat Baig of Parabek passes away :  (Chitral 19 Apr 10) Doulat Baig of Khooghik Parabek passed away. He was the father of Bahauddin of AKESP).

. Wife of late Mir Hissamuddin passes away :  (Chitral 19 Apr 10) Wife of late Mir Hissamuddin former president PML Chitral  passed away. She was the mother in law of Prof Karimullah, Mother in law and aunt of Haider Ali Shah, aunt of of Fardad Ali Shah, sister in law of Dr Shujauddin and mother of Zahid Hisam, Zafar, Nizam, Javed. 

. Syed Mohsin Jan passes away : (Chitral 06 Feb 10) Syed Mohsin Jan of Sueer passed away. He was the father of Syed Mussarat Hussain Jan, Syed Parwana Jan, Syed Abid Hussain Jan and uncle of Prof. Syed Taufiq Jan and Syed Muzaffar Jan president ANP.


. Father of Zulfikar Ahmad passes away : (Chitral 14 Jan 10) Father of Zulfiqar Ahmad, Islamabad-based Chitrali journalist and correspondent of 'Business Recorder's , passed away in Khoz, Mastuj on Thursday. He was about 55.

. Shaikh Abdul Wahid passes away: (Chitral 19 Dec 09) Prominent businessman Alhaaj Shaikh Abdul Wahid passed away in Chitral at 68 years. He was father of Haji Abdul Nasir, Haji Gul Nasir and Fazal Wahid and uncle of Haji Muhammad Zafar Khan and Bashir Hussain Azad.

. Abdul Majid Khan passes away: (Chitral 27 Nov 09) Abdul Majid Khan, brother of late Moulana Abdul Hameed Khan (Bulbul-e-Chitral) pased away.  He was father of Abdur Rasheed Minhas, Abdul Hasib, Abdul Basit and Abdul Wajid, .uncle of Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir, Inamulllah (Islami Bank), Ghulam Rasool, Ghulam Sarwar , Kamal Abdul Jamil (CESSD).

.. Mother of Zafar Passes away:  Mother of Zafar Manager of Sonoghor (currently living in the United States) passed away on Wed November 11, 2009 at Aga Khan Medical Center Booni in the age of 75.

. Moulana Asadullah passes away:  (Chitral 01 Nov 09) Moulana Asadullah (Abul Wafa) Naib Nazim Broze passed away due to cardiac arrest.

. Ismail Khan of Mastuj passes away:  (Chitral 13 Oct 09). Ismail Khan of Mastuj passed away due cardiac arrest. He was father of Sultan Khan and Aslam Khan.

. Durdana Shah of Garam Chashma passes away:  (Chitral 13 Oct 09). Syed Durdana Shah, a popular social leader and former President of Aga Khan Council, passed away due cardiac arrest at 62.

. Father of Dr Sharif ullah passes away:  (Chitral 11 Oct 09). Father of Dr Sharifullah (of Charun), former GM AKHS, passed away. he was laid to rest at his ancestral graveyard.

. Former Commissioner Meraj uddin passes away:  (Chitral 30 Aug 09). Former Census Commissioner, eminent scholar, poet, writer and social figure Meraj uddin of Jughoor passed away in Peshawar after a protracted illness. He will be buried in Chitral. He was the elder brother of Israruddin Advocate, Nizamuddin, Qamaruddin.

.  Wife of Secy Fida Ahmad of Denin passes away:  (Chitral 30 Jul 09)  Wife of Former provincial Additional Secy and prominent figure Mehtarjao Fida Ahmad Khan of Denin passed away. She was the mother of Javed Ahmad Advocate.

. Commander of Aerkari passes away:  (Chitral 29 Jul 09)  Prominent social and political figure of Arkari,Tehsil Garam Chashma,  Commander passed away.

. Sher Nawaz Khan passes away:  (Chitral 27 May 09) Sher Nawaz Khan Lal of Goshen Kushum passed away after protracted illness.

. Salahuddin Salik passes away:  (Chitral 19 May 09) Salahuddin salik of Torkhow, GM NCHD posted at Timergara, passed away in Chitral due to cardiac arrest on Tuesday.

. DFC Iqbal passes away:  (Chitral 17 May 09) Former Dist Food Controller Muhammad Iqbal of Jughoor, passed away due to cardiac arrest.

. Fida ur Rehman passes away:  (Chitral 16 May 09) Fida Ur Rehman Fida, a prominent Khowar poet and writer of Drosh passed away after a brief illness .

. Mother of Takbeer Hassan  passes away:  (Chitral 01 May 09) Mother of Syed Takbeer Hassan Gen Secy Alkarim Welfare society Islamabad, passed away in Chuinj, Mastuj.

. Mother of Nazim Abdul Haq  passes away: (Chitral 28 April 09)  Mother of Nazim Union Council Broze Abdul Haq, passed away.

. Mehtar Jao Rehman Diyar passes away:  (Chitral 12 Apr 09)  Mehtar Jao Rehman Diyar (Darogha) of Gologh Denin passed away in Chitral. He was the father of Saifur Rehman and Asadur Rehman.

. Mother of Sultan e Room passes away: (Chitral 11 Apr 09)  Mother of councillor Sultan Room of Charvellandeh Booni passed away in Karachi She was about 88 years old at the time of demise.

. Azizur Rehman passes away:  (Chitral 07 Apr 09) Aziz ur Rehman of Chitral passed away. He was the father of Altaf Ali Shah, Inamullah and Aftab Ali Shah and uncle of District Nazim Chitral Haji Maghfirat Shah.

. Khan Alam of Booni passes away:  (Chitral 30 Mar 09) Khan Alam of Booni passed away at Rawalpindi. He was the father of Faiz Alam and Sher Alam.

. Dinar Alam Taj Lal of Pasum passes away:  (Chitral 29 Mar 09) Dinar Alam Taj of Pasum Mastuj passed away due to cardiac arrest in Karachi. His body is being carried to Pasum for burial. He was the elder brother of Sahib Nadir Advocate and father of Mansoor Ali, Mehboob Ali and Zulfiqar Ali.