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Plea for a University in Chitral


Chitral --Education is the basic public need and as such community expects quality education at affordable cost. It is universally accepted that knowledge is the foundation upon which the edifice of sound economy, good health, social wellbeing, and international goodwill are erected. Thus knowledge is central and essential for ultimate prosperity. It is great a national misfortune when a state fails or ignores to deliver education services to the community when it is anxiously looked for.


The same happens with Chitralis. Chitral contains a population of more than 4 lac with 60% literacy ratio possessing 3rd highest position in the province KPK. Presently 73000 students are in pipeline moving towards higher education. There are 48 colleges and no university in the district. In the face of unavailability of university level education a futuristic view predicts that literacy rate in Chitral will meltdown awfully because only college level education does not yield the desired outcomes.


There are hidden hands that hinder the establishment of a university in Chitral. Universities in Dir district pose numerous problems for Chitrali students making university level education even impossible. The sole aim of imposing these universities on Chitralis is to enable the universities to earn significant amount of money from the colleges of Chitral. Apart from admission, registration and examination fees, these universities charge 7% of the tuition fee collected by private sector colleges of Chitral. However, it is altogether unjust to push the community of Chitral district into the darkness of ignorance just to provide financial benefit to the universities of Dir district.


Thus the innocent, peaceful and education loving people of Chitral request honorable Governor and Chief Minister KPK to make arrangement to establish a university in Chitral as soon as possible. --letter by Zia Ullah, President Studentsí Parents Association, Chitral 26 Dec 2010



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