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NHA measures cause nuisance, jeopardise security

Chitral --After the Lowari pass closed for traffic Wednesday noon, the tunnel was opened for vehicles in the evening only after exposing hundreds of vehicles to security threat by hoarding them at the mouth of the tunnel on both sides and then suddenly letting them in, in a convoy. Travelers have taken strong exception to the obviously foolish measure which even a child would laugh at i.e flocking up the vehicles short of the tunnel for hours and then suddenly letting them enter in hundreds at one time. 


Travelers have demanded to put an end to this classic nonsense. The sensible thing to do is to security inspect any approaching vehicle round the clock and allow it to cross the tunnel without holding it up. This is the practice every where in the world including the high risk prone Kohat tunnel. This is indeed the best security and anti pollution measure that can be ensured at the Lowari tunnel.   --GH Farooqi  29 Dec 2010



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