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No Education in Special Education institute

CHITRAL--Special Education Institution Zargrandeh Chitral is closed for the past two months due to unserviceable school van.. There are 40 special (disabled) students enrolled in this institute and one vehicle for their pick and drop. Principal Syed Nabi Hussain  confirmed closing of the institute for the last two months due to fault in official van. Responding to a question he said that we also feel guilty drawing monthly salaries for the last two months without performing our duties because the institution is closed. There are 18 employees in the institute while only four were present.


The principal said he had contacted the District Coordination Officer who also paid a visit to the school and assured early repair of official van to open the school. President of LAFH Abdul Nasir expressed his great concern over closing of special education institution for the last two months  He demanded from the Chief Minister for releasing special fund on emergency basis to repair school van because these challenged special children also have important role in our society..  --GH Farooqi,16 Dec 2010


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