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Is 'something' better than nothing?

Relief Goods Politics rife in Chitral

CHITRAL --For a change, instead of the usual mudslinging and traditional leg pulling, some positive competitive relief goods politics is being seen in Chitral even after six months of the floods. Almost all political parties whether it be the PPP, ANP, JI,  PTI and now  the PML(N) have distributed relief goods to affected people in different parts of Chitral. Whereas, prima facie, it appears a benign gesture to distribute essential goods to flood stricken people, but the negative after-effect it creates,  is that people start looking more and more for alms and get in the habit culture of passive begging.The better form of helping flood  affectees would have been to help with the working of essential infrastructure in their area like electricity, drinking water etc which is in a pathetic state.  --CN report, GH Farooqi,17 Dec 2010


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