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First female PhD scholar from Chitral


Chitral -- Chitral has it's first female PhD scholar in Hameeda Bibi who has just done her doctorate in Environmental sciences from York University England. Dr. Hameeda is daughter of Sher Ajab Khan, belonging to Sarghuz village of Mastuj tehsil.  --GH Farooqi, 27 Dec 2010


Comment 1

I wish to congratulate Hameeda Bibi and her family, on completion of her PhD in Environmental Sciences from York University England. She did a tremendous job and showed that female can also perform as male perform in our society. It shows that there is only a need of opportunity and commitment. If opportunity is given to the female in our society, they can also play same role as male. Hameeda Bibi laid the foundation and I hope other young ladies will also follow her and play an important role for the development of Chitral.

You did a good job Hameeda Bibi, we hope you play an important role in Pakistan, especially in Chitral with respect to the environment, because nowadays it is the most important field. There is a need of sensitization of the people of the society to make them aware about their environment and play their role for a prosperous Pakistan.--Shafiqur-Rehman,AKU-IED Karachi, 28 Dec 2010.


Comment 2

Bravo dear sister for becoming a doctor of philosophy.  We are really proud of you. You have proved that not money but true determination brings real success. This is our true prosperity. After all, we have got a PhD daughter. Even more congratulations to your family. After all, they, too, have a hand in this feather in our cap. I hope the other Chitrali daughters also follow in your footsteps. --Jamiat Khan AKU-IED,29 Dec 2010


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