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Betrayal story still haunts PPP moot


Chitral --Despite three years having passed since the general elections, wounds of betrayal inflicted by PPP party insiders on the mother party still continue to taunt the unfaithful. At a meeting held in Drosh to commemorate the death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed, senior party workers recalled with  lament, the negative role of the district president and general secretary in playing the part of Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq,manipulating wrong award of the National Assembly ticket with an intention to fail the party and  present the NA seat on a platter to the PML(Q) candidate, in which they duly succeeded, courtesy the then provincial PPP president.


Senior PPP leader Haji Abdur Rehman speaking, said, the initial award of ticket to Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah had brought joy and hope to the hearts of party voters and workers alike, but the president and gen secretary conspired against it and caused the ticket to be withdrawn and re-allotted at the last moment, ensuring miserable defeat for an otherwise extremely well poised party at that time.  Speakers demanded immediate removal of the two and appointment of sincere workers to party positions. --GH Farooqi, 27 Dec 2010



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