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Floods marginalise life in Chitral

water water everywhere, not a drop to drink.

Chitral-- Flash floods, river rages have brought life in Chitral to a low ebb. News of roads being washed away up valley down valley and in the sub valleys has brought daily routine to a halt. since Sunday morning Chitral town is deprived of drinking water as the pipeline has broken due to river overflow at Angarghhoon. People are seen frantically moving with cans in hand to get water from the municipality bouser which is bringing the water from a distance. cancellation of flights and washing away of bridges has left the people stranded and food supply in the markets is fast depleting.. Meanwhile constant rumours of further impending floods are psychologically devastating the people.

Meanwhile old timers say that they did not witness a fiercer flood in the Chitral Gol nullah in their life time. Muzaffar Khan  and Mohiuddin of Moldeh contractors who constructed the Chitral Gol bridge in 1981 was confident that unless God wishes otherwise, no amount of flood can damage the bridge as it was built honestly with pure material and strict supervision of the late Governor Gen Fazle Haq in 1981. He said that civil works if done honestly can stand up to a great extent to such tests every where in the country but unfortunately even without floods honesty and sincerity in public works has fast eroded all over the country in the past three decades he frowningly said.    --CN report, 09 Aug 10


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