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Terrible Floods attack Chitral again

Chitral-- Flash floods in the Gols of Chitral, Ayun, Rumboor, and Murdan Garamchashma, washed away many houses cattle and water channels. Unprecedented flood of a ferocious scale roared down the Chitral Gol carrying log wood fallen houses, trees, cattle and even Markhors at its mouth.  The flood which was watched by scores of people standing on the sturdy Chitral Gol bridge, raged in full fury down below, but never was able to pose a threat to the sturdy bridge built in the early eighties with genuine material. 

In Ayun, the flood damaged Haji Muhammad Khan's one megawatt powerhouse, besides washing away cattle houses, cattle, coffin boxes of the Kalash in higher Rumboor valley. In Murdan garam Chashma also the flood raged a the same time but details are awaited. It may be noted that all the four Nallas which flooded at the same time Friday evening are fed by the same glacier and it is widely believed that lightening struck the glacier to break it and cause the terrible flood. Many considered repeated attacks of floods as God's warning to mend our ways and tread the right path.. --CN report, 06 Aug 10


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