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WAPDA removal from Chitral demanded

Chitral-- An extraordinary meeting of the Electricity Restoration Committee Chitral town was held in Chitral Friday morning. Presided over by the Committee Chairman Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah, the meeting was attended by Sher Nabi Ullah former Superintendent Engineer Wapda, Haji Ghulam Hussain,  Nasir Ali,  DSP Fazal Ellahi, Haji Fakhruddin, Haji Nauroze, Abdul Khaliq, Mioulana Qazi Naseem, Motabar Khan and others.


After lengthy deliberations the meeting reached the conclusion that the WAPDA in Chitral is a constant pain in the neck . It instead of solving, creates electricity problems for the people and does not pay heed to instructions from anywhere. The district administration has shown helplessness in their context, and the elected representatives cannot do anything to it. It was therefore unanimously decided by the meeting to ask the govt to dissolve WAPDA from Chitral and hand pover it's sole power station (One mw only but strategically located to create all the nuisance in the town)  to any private party willing to take over or even to SHYDO which is again a blemished organisation but is provincially controlled and easily accessible thus a lesser evil than WAPDA.


The meeting was informed by SE Sher Nabi Ullah that under the electricity act consumers could Sue WAPDA for damaging their eclectic appliances due to violent fluctuations in the power supply. It was thus decided to move the court on behalf of the committee on this account..


 It may be noted  that a legal case was filed by Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah on behalf of the electricity consumers of Chitral town against malpractices in WAPDA Chitral, but the court after two years has recently dismissed the case as no consumer came forward to give solid evidence against such malpractice. Despite such a pathetic level of moral courage in the society,  the Electricity Restoration Committee swore to continue work for putting things right, in this notorious department and all other corrupt departments, turn by turn.   --CN report, 06 Aug 10.


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