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Politics takes over from Polotics at 12000'

Chitral -- With just two days left for the Shandur polo festival to begin (7-9 July), it is still not clear whether the Gilgit team would participate. CN came to know from sources that the Gilgitis were demanding equal rights over the ownership of the place and were not willing to participate as guests. A high level meeting between teams led by KP minister Salim Khan and GB minister Muhammad Ali ended in a deadlock putting the GB participation in doubt. However efforts are on to salvage the situation. The festival would go ahead as planned said KP organisers when contacted. It may be pointed out that that politics has even reached the Shandur playground at 12000 ft above sea level taking over from hitherto 'Polotics' found there. --(CN report, 05 July 10)


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