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Ten labourers kidnapped from Bumburet


Chitral-.Ten laborers belonging to Dir, engaged in logging forest wood in the Acholga forest of Bumburet have been kidnapped by Afghan intruders. The victims, a part of about 45 laborers engaged by forest contractors to bring down the forest were kidnapped from their hut in the thick of the night. The kidnappers were reported to be about fifty in number according to the remaining labourers who reported the matter to the police. A heavy contingent of police, Scouts and border police have rushed to the area but so far no arrests have been made. It is feared the kidnappers may have taken the hostages along with them across the border into Afghanistan. This is the same area of Chitral from where Greek social worker Athanases  was kidnapped some months ago. --Muhkamuddin, 29 Aug 10



Your information regarding kidnapping was in time and appreciable. for which we thank you, but one thing you have not mentioned elaborately is the geographical position of the area. You should have written about the  length of border, secondly about how much distance and time it takes from that camp (hut) to the zero point. It appears we have no such resources to retrieve them by means of having latest communications etc, We have security agencies including the powerful Frontier Corps personnel there in Bumburet for the purpose of deterrence of any aggression from Afghanistan. If they have  no such communication, coordination and intelligence, then their stay we consider as seasonal picnic point instead of being a security check post, --Muhammad Nizamuddin, Peshawar, 30 Aug 10.

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