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Booni News Diary

Booni Flood situation, one dead

The condition of Booni Gol is bit normal on Thursday 29 July at the time of writing this report. Four houses, a

hydel power station were washed away while an 8 year old child  died. (--AM Khan, 29 July 10)


Booni Gole threatened with glacial flood
Since last night the water in Booni Gole has increased from the normal flow level. it is said that glacier has broken and as a result water becomes threatening for th peopl's home and farms. this flow of water has shattered pipe line system of Booni and fire brigade is bringing water for the people going to Reshum.
--(report by AM.Khan Charun, 27July10).


Protest against drinking water scarcity

 Residents of Booni on Saturday morning took out a protest demonstration against the sub-divisional authorities of Public Health and TMA Mastuj whose negligence, they held, was the only reason for the mysterious scarcity of drinking water in the region. The protesters, led by Mr. Sardar Hussain, warned of surrounding the Public Health and TMA offices if water supply pipe-line was not repaired within three days. Addressing the people who gathered at Booni Chowk, speakers strongly condemned the deaf-eared attitude of the responsible officials and contractors of the pipe-line project for corruption and misuse of the huge fund of Rs.12 million released for the project by the ex-MPA Molana Jahangir (the late).
Mr. Sardar Hussain, amid chimes and enthusiastic slogans, gave a deadline of three days to the concerned departments to take immediate necessary measures to solve the worsening problem. He said 'We will wait till July 27; and if they fail to launch work on repairing the pipe-line then we will push them out of their offices and lie there until they launch repairing-work.The protestors dispersed with strong notice to the authorities to re-gather shortly again. --(report by Zahoor ul Haq, Booni , 27 July 10)

Cleanliness campaign on the Roof of the World

 The Cleanliness Team of Chitral Heritage and Environment Protection Society (CHEPS), led by Rahmat Ali, moved to Broghil on a three-day cleanliness campaign today. Talking to Chitralnews about the campaign Rehmat Ali, the CHEPS Chief Executive, said that the purpose of the campaign is to ensure cleanliness in the natural landscape of Broghil during the Broghil Festival. Stressing the need of cleanliness he said, ‘Nature is a sacred trust and everyone should take care of it.’ Voicing the need of the present campaign he said, ‘Chitral is like a human body and Broghil is like its head. We cannot have a clean body unless we have a clean mind. Therefore we must strive for the cleanliness of mind first.’
CHEPS is a non-profit social and environmental organization seeking and striving for the protection of environment with the slogan ‘Clean and Green Chitral.’Having such selfless volunteers around we have reasons to be optimistic about a clean and green future is awaiting us. --(report by Zahoor ul Haq, Booni , 27 July 10)


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