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Garam Chashma diary: JUI attempts inroads -Clarification

A local JUI leader called me up today to say that my report about the visit of Maulana Fazlur Rehman gave the impression that money had been used to purchase loyalties of the people. This impression is wrong, I never said it and it was not my intention. I only wanted to say that the politics of development funds must end and real issues must be brought into politics. Development funds are the basic rights of the tax payer. However in Pakistan and especially Chitral these funds are dished out as favours to friends , supporters as project leaders or to engineers specially chosen for that positions on political grounds, who get back fifty percent of the money as kick backs. These I call easy money. Individuals and groups mostly choose loyalties on those basis. And I warned the people of Garam Chashma that they must decide their political loyalties on the basis of their long term interests. For that purpose I had indicated areas where conflict management and solution was needed and JUI was the most fit party to resolve those issues to promote harmony , peace and sustainable development. We cannot afford to be disloyal to each other if we want to promote permanent friendship and brotherhood. This is the reality of our politics. This is not against any political party and JUI must not take it personally. Hiding heads in the sand like ostriches will not help. Issues must be resolved to pave way for true development. Which better party can be asked to do this job than JUI which is the most popular religious party in Chitral and Islam enjoins upon us to heal wounds and bring people close to each other. I am confident that JUI has the courage and credibility to do this job which is necessary for merit based politics in Chitral.
In case my views have hurt the feelings of friends I apologize to them but it was never my intention to wish JUI or any of its worker ill. I might well be one of their voters tomorrow if I find them more useful for the people in terms of peace and development. I am a democratic person and would expect my future party to respect my right to free expression and to disagree. Otherwise what is left is fascism and we must all fear that and guard against it.  --(Islamuddin, 31 July 10)



Referring to the report titled “JUI attempts inroads”,  If Mawlana Fazlur Rehman has given the impression that, money had been used to purchase loyalties of the people. I think that is a true statement, if Mawlana has not stated that, he was suppose to say it. Because this is a fact that, every politician coming in power at National, Provincial, or district level has tried to black mail and hijack the development funds for promotion of political interests instead of focusing the real needs. But the problem is to identify the “needs and needy”. So far no NGO or government organization has been able to come up with solid definition of “needy and need”, leaving it open and making it easier for black mailers to make any justification to posses and utilize the money for their own future interest or thanksgiving gift for past. The problems and needs vary from place to place. Some problems are more serious in Chitral Bazar than many in far-flung areas of Yarkhoon lasht or Merdin in GaramChashma. Unfortunately the implementation strategy of development are designed and tailored in a way that it could only fit and makes projects applicable in particular areas of interest. Is there possibility to locally change such strategies? So the local administration and the local NGO authorities can be able to spend the money on the basis of the priorities deviating from the pre-tailored strategy(s). If no then there is need of discussion upon it. There is no doubt that funds are dished out as favors to friends, supporters and staff are chosen for those positions on hidden capabilities and grounds. If we are sincere to promote permanent friendship and brotherhood, we must do our best and strengthen ourselves to show courage to say “no” to the dictated strategies in Chitral which usually effect our inter-faith relations and brotherhood. The voice of the public should be honored, and strategies must be transparent and understandable even standing outside the capsule of beliefs. --Dr Khalil (Jughooru), Hamilton, Canada,  03, Aug 10


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