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    Students launch booklet


Chitral -- Chitral Students of Lahore (CSOL) came up with the launching ceremony of their published booklet “ISPRU” at Tirichmir hotel Chitral on 19th June. All the principals of Gov. and private institutions were invited. We had the honor to have Principal Langlands School and College, Mr. G.D Langlands as our Chief Guest and Dr. Afzal Tajik, Head PDCC as the president of the event. The Chief Secretary of CSOL, Nazirulhaq applauded his team and all those who contributed in the making. He paid special credit to MNA Shahzada Mihiuddin, Minister Saleem Khan, Dr. Afzal Tajik, Programme Manager Regional Women Empowerment Project Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad and GM AKES Mir Zaman. These all people combined made it possible for us to put the idea into practice. The AKES has kindly agreed to help us with the distribution task.

It was an enlightening program. We got to hear speakers like Mr. Islamuddin, Principal, Pamir Public School and College Garam Chashma. The eminent educationist was very happy with the work and agreed it was an issue unaddressed before and needed to be worked on. The suggestions that he came up were highly analytical and will help us put up a better display next time. He graciously invited the members to spend time in his institution and provide inspiration to the students. DR. Tajik was a delight to listen to. Congratulating us for ISPRU, he hoped it wont prove “Koit-o-ispru” to put it in Khowar and will grow unto provide both fragrance and fruit. He declared the organization a pioneer in coming up with ideas such as the need for Career Counseling in the district. He offered both personal and institutional support for the organization so that it continues to take the lead. Sir G.D Langlands made all Chitralis feel immense pride when he declared Chitral as ‘the most peaceful and orderly place in whole of Pakistan”. Langlands has acquired a new Scottish Principal for his school who he hopes, shares the same vision as him. He was of the view that Chitrali Youth will have to put down their easy-going attitude towards life in order to make it to the high ranks.

Dr. Inayutallah Faizi left us highly flattered when he appreciated the booklet from the name to the cover to the print to the content. We were spellbound with his unending stream of knowledge. He shared that we could not have good PhDs, Engineers, Chartered Accountants unless we have a good career counseling network. He said he was tired of seeing engineers working as bank officers and student opting for subjects just because their parents selected the same

The guest got a copy of ISPRU for themselves and their institutions from a stall and departed with well wishes after refreshment. The refreshment session also provided an opportunity for he students and guests to interact. We kept wondering how informatively rich the table was containing all our speakers. --(Bakhtawar Salik, 25 June 10)


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