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Bazaar Bypass road, a crying need


A normal traffic situation in the Chitral Bazaar. MNA's Land cruiser can also be seen held up in the traffic mess on a road narrower than the Land Cruiser. itself, with shanty shops in the background.


Chitral -- Perpetual traffic jams in the main Chitral bazaar cry for commencing work on the bypass road without a single days delay. Pathetic traffic holdups due to a narrow lane between shops called the main bazaar of Chitral designed for 1920s requirement is a mirror of .the failure of successive governments to fulfill this basic need of widening the road. According to DCO Chitral 140 million rupees are in hand for the purpose and  work would start any time. However different people when queried told Chitral News that influential hidden hands do not want the bypass project to be launched for reasons best known to them, otherwise the road would have materliased long ago.  Shop and land owners being affected by the project said we have extended full cooperation to the government in implementation of the project and there is no other reason except lack of political and administrative will to carry out a beneficial project for Chitral town. People interviewed said if funds are insufficient for the whole project in one go, at least one section eg  section between  polo ground and Ataliq bazaar bridge be implemented in first phase so that by the time this phase is completed money for the next phase can be aquired.from the government. Not starting the work despite Rs 140 million in hand for the project is criminal they said . --(CN report, 23 July 10).


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