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Substandard food corroding health

Chitral -- There was a time when Chitral was known for its pure air, clean water and natural food, but  not so much any more. Although the atmosphere still remains less polluted compared to big cities and spring water can still be found for free, but the quality of food that Chitralis consume everyday has grossly deteriorated, eating away on their health and resistance.


The Chitral bazaar shops which are the main source of every day provision supplies to the residents of the whole district, are stocked with substandard and adulterated food stuff. The locals have no choice but to consume substandard ghee, adulterated tea, health injurious lentils, pulses, flour, sick buffalo meat, etc. When a shopkeeper was asked as to why? he candidly replied that the  exorbitant transportation costs force them to buy substandard stuff and sell it at the genuine stuff price.


The tradition of growing own food has dwindled in Chitral and very rarely can one experience the culinary delights of yester years, the ghalmandi, chirashhapic, sanabachi shhoshp etc all made with indigenous ingredient like milk oats barley etc,. It would be appropriate for organisations working for preservation of health and culture in Chitral to promote local pure food against adulterated easy food stuff readily available in the markets --(CN report, 22 June 10)



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