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Garam Chashma diary- Minister's visit

Chitral -- Provincial Minister for Population Welfare Minister Salim Khan today visited flood affected areas of the strategic Gobor valley bordering Afghanistan.

Addressing people at different places, he informed them that 3,000 food packets each valuing Rs.4,500 had been distributed among the affectees including those in Gobor, and more would be sent to the remaining affected areas.

He said after completing relief operations, rehabilitation work would be taken in hand for which the government would allocate sufficient amount and for this purpose 50% development funds would be diverted to the rehabilitation sector.

Giving a run down of his efforts for rapid development of Chitral he informed the people that during the past two and a half years he had brought more than rupees 300 million for different development projects to his constituency mostly in Arandu, Drosh and Chitral town, created 2,000 jobs, extended Malakand package to Chitral and allowed unattractive allowance for employees, the last two having financial impact of Rs. 2 billions.

The Minister criticized Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali for misguiding the people. He asked the Maulana to come up with his achievement during his tenure instead of levelling baseless allegations against others.

He advized the Moulana that politics was not his cup of tea and he should devote his attention to his madrassa. The Minister also informed the people about mega projects that the government has approved for Chitral including Chitral-Gilgit and Chital-Tajikistan road. The Minister told the people about his efforts to change Lowari Rail Tunnel into Road Tunnel.

Later, the Minister visited Al-Mukhtar Public School at Gobor and thanked the Ruler of Dubai and his representative in Lahore Brigadier (retired) Mukhtar for their support to the school and promised that the government would also play its role to make the school sustainable on long term basis.

The Minister also visited a medical camp for flood affectees of Gobor and thanked CIADP and Health Department for this initiative. The Minister distributed prizes among Polo players who participated in the tournament sponsored by AKYSB in collaboration with Hashoo Foudation to generate funds for the flood affectees. Later on the Minister left for Chitral from where he would go to Peshawar to attend Parliamentary Party meeting of PPP--(By Islamuddin, 22 Sept 10)


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