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Musharraf's APML launched in Chitral

Chitral -  Three leaders of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), namely Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif, Sher Alam Khattak and Dr Iftikhar Hussain Zaidi arrived in  Chitral by air on Sunday. They were received amongst others by sitting MNA Shahzada Mohiuddin who later on hosted a workers meeting at his hotel. Almost all appointment holders of PML(Q) along with workers were present in the meeting. speakers lauded the services of Gen Pervez Musharraf for Chitral and invited him to contest elections from Chitral. Shahzada Pervez s/o Shahzada Mohiuddin MNA was nominated interim president of the party while Faizur Rehman of Booni was nominated interim General Secretary. The team returned to Islamabad on Monday morning. --(GH Farooqi, 22 Nov 2010).


Comment 1

I am a Chitrali living in Kuwait for the last 15 years, I wish to compliment the people of Chitral for their support of Mr. Pervez Musharraf, For once I feel that we have taken the right step, I think its high time we let go of PPP and Nawaz and waderas and the landlords, I pray that Pervez sahib will not commit the same mistakes as before. We the people of Chitral are not forgetters, Musharraf during his period actually did work for Chitral. We cannot forget the favors he did for us and now when he needs us we are ready to even sacrifice everything we have for him ..(Saif ul Omar Khan, Kuwait, 23 Nov 2010)


Comment 2

I really believe that at this point it is time for us to think and act as Pakistanis and not Chitralis. Musharraf probably did work for the development of Chitral but have we forgotten the Laal Masjid episode, the missing persons' case, the pain that Dr.Afia and her family have suffered and are still suffering with, the American free hand in Pakistan? Musharraf was openly referred to, by his collegue on television, as a compulsive liar and said that he was known among his other colleagues as CNN due to this habit. It was during his governance that media was set free to cross all limits and since then all the local channels have gone to the heights of vulgarity making the youth forget about their moral values and polluting young minds by promoting the negative side of the western culture. Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali said in an interview that a plane from the US had arrived in Pakistan during his premiership, to take Dr.A Q Khan, a national hero, to America with Musharraf's consent, but it was due to Jamali's argument that the deal did not take place. But we still want Musharraf back, even after all this! Pakistan is going through very tough times .If we don't think as a nation now, only God knows what our future will be. I hope and pray that we make a decision that is for the benefit of the whole of Pakistan and not ourselves as individuals...(Zeenat Khan, Islamabad, 24 Nov 2010)


Comment 3

The writer of comment1 says people should let go of PPP, Nawaz, waderas and landlords. I say people should let go of cheaters, liers, exploiters, and incompetent people. Being a member of any political party should not be a disqualifying factor. Similarly, being wadera or landlord should be no disqualification as much as it is no qualification by itself. Similarly being poor or from a socially unprivileged family is no disqualification as much as it is not any qualification by itself to become public representative.  What people should look for is honest and competent people to lead them. Getting into the controversy of social classifications (mostly self created) only benefits those politicians who thrive on the sentiments of people instead of focusing on merit. We should do better to get out of these useless clichés and seek merit where ever we can find it whether it be in the house of a king or a pauper doesn't matter..--(Faridul Haq, Chitral, 24 Nov 2010)


Comment 4

We as Chitralis must understand that only two of the entire leadership in Pakistan's history, gave us the status of being humans by their words and deeds. The first one obviously Zulfiqar.Ali Bhutto and the second is Parvez Musharraf.
What Musharraf did on the national level could be a political mistake and whatever the volume of his mistake was; doesn't make us ignore his services for the people of Chitral. Not only the Tunnel project he initiated but projected Chitral and its inhabitants as the most peaceful people on earth in the national and international media particularly. I heard him saying this more than once.
. A particular powerful section of media too is against Musharraf because it lost billions of rupees as his government tried to put a stop to the its monopoly . Some of the leaders say no to Musharraf because they have no idea, agenda or policies of public interests; so they look for an easy way out, and the common man is a victim of misperceptions (the black, the white, the red....) projected by (the) media. I understand only simple things like the Saudi Riyal (which I earn) remained without fluctuation at Rs.16 from day one to the end of the tenure of nine years of Musharraf and today, it is at Rs.23; the difference is obvious, let aside the price hike, law and order, corruption, bad governance and........
We simply salute both great men for recognizing us as human beings and establishing that Chitral is also part of this country. Chitrali people have paid rich tribute to the late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto by electing his party men (even not deserving ones) and I am very much sure that the Chitrali people will once again, show its sincerity and oblige the second one (in the line of fire). --Rehmatullah Khan ,Jeddah, KSA, 25 Nov 2010.


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