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Lowari pass accident claims nine lives

One killed in Jeep topple at Parwak

Chitral -- A passenger van coming from Peshawar to Chitral fell into a ravine while negotiating a blind Lowari turn. Nine persons died and as many were injured in the accident. Those losing their lives include Sher Aziz, Wali Muhammad, Mukarram Shah of Arhian Dab Drosh, Sharafat, children Nasira bibi, Nasiha bibi,and two ladies Hamesh Gul and Mukhtar Begum of Bilitang Kohat.

The accident is reported to be because of the vehicle traveling all night and the driver not having enough sleep. People have demanded a ban on night service to Chitral as most accidents occur due to it. People have also demanded usage of Lowari tunnel as no work is going on inside it.


In another accident a jeep going to Mastuj fell off the road near Parwak, killing one female occupant Samina bibi who was a third year student and injuring nine passengers.   -(GH Farooqi, 20 May 2010)


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