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Extended mournings/celebrations tax Chitralis heavily

Chitral -- The culture of formally continuing mourning in case of deaths, and celebrations in case of marriages into many days after the event, is a practice that is telling heavily on the economic health of Chitralis. In particular traveling long distances to offer condolence is an unaffordable luxury which the Chitralis are sticking to. compulsively., despite some efforts by influential individuals to discourage the practice in the recent past.


The Ismaili spiritual leader HH Prince Karim Aga Khan has instructed his followers to adopt austerity in all spheres of their lives including the above mentioned two occasions. Nevertheless the fruits of his instructions are yet to show themselves markedly in the society.  It is a need of the hour that we should revisit our habits and practices which do not fit with the present day conditions, and adopt a practical approach towards issues such as practices on the above two occasions.

Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah has expressed intentions to convene a grand convention of religious preachers and political / opinion leaders from all over the district to try arrive at a broad consensus regarding revisiting practices such as those mentioned above and without compromising on the religious obligations, to alleviate avoidable burdens of tradition that the poor people have taken on their backs.. .--(CN report, 20 May 2010)


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