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What independence?

Sir, When the British ruled this land, the people had clean drinking water rather than the raw sewage they get now. They bought pure milk from the milkman and not a chemical brew that's killing tens of thousands every year. The phrase 'adulterated food' was not even known then and there was peace, law and order throughout the land. One could travel in safety from Peshawar to Calcutta without being threatened, molested, beaten, killed, and no one could carry anything more lethal than a penknife. The patwari did his job without extracting bribes from the poor and the thanedar did his job without arresting or killing innocent citizens and without amassing wealth of unimaginable proportions. The sarkari babu did his job as mandated without 'warming; his pockets. Litigation was at its minimum and the courts decided cases quickly and did not take three generations to deliver 'judgment'  Fake degrees, fake doctors, fake teachers, etc, were not even known in this land. Is this the Independence we all cherish so much? Certainly we have lost most of it, if not all. --Dr Irfan Zafar, (Daily Times) Islamabad 19 Aug 10.


Comment 1

When the British ruled this land, Bahadur Shah Zafar was served the heads of his sons for breakfast. When the British ruled this land, the kohinoor, a diamond to boast about and show off, was snatched from the moghuls and presented to 'Her Majesty', the Queen. A poor coachman would be whipped mercilessly for stopping the buggy a few feet ahead of the gora sahib's desired destination. When the British ruled this land hundreds of people were brutally tortured and killed at Jalianwala Bagh as a punishment for their peaceful protest against legal reforms. The native people were nicknamed the bloody browns and were treated like dogs. If they wagged their tails obediently, they would be rewarded with a biscuit. But if they barked back they would be lashed to be reminded of their position. A land owner did not actually own his land. The crops, silks and other riches of this land would be exported to Britain. Today, I breathe in the air of freedom by the grace of Allah.I have a national anthem that reminds me of the azm e alishaan, the great determination and the sacrifices that led us to independence. I see my flag rise high among the flags of other countries at international forums and feel adrenaline rush through my veins. I know that my children will not have any inferiority complex standing next to a gora. Rather, they would feel proud of their forefathers for driving the British raj out of their land, which used to believe that the sun could never set on the British empire. I know that Pakistan is not perfect and that we still have a long way to go as far as progress is concerned, but i would not give up a single day of independence for the fringe benefits of slavery. There is a Chinese proverb that I would like to quote here, 'I complained about having no shoes till I saw a man who had no feet.' I myself would rather have no shoes than give up my feet. Long live Pakistan. --Zeenat Khan, Islamabad, 20 Aug10

Comment 2

I feel both the above opinions are expressing the “inferiority and superiority complex” alternatively; both are not practical as per the current situation and the consequences we are suffering from. Our Land needs the patriotic feelings and emotions, but on practical grounds with accepting the harsh realities, to look for their solutions and to develop as a great nation, “perfection” isn’t practical.

There is no change; we are facing the same problems of cruelty, injustice, bias, discrimination, Law & Order, as we had in British regime. The only change is, now they are the same “bloody browns” not the “Goras”.

Freedom, national anthem, azme alishan, determination, all these words are not clearly demonstrating our position and performance as an independent nation, instead our Political System & Leaders, our economy and foreign debts, Law & Order, the drone attacks and the involvement of IMF, America and Britain in our Political Decisions shows very clearly that we are still living a life of a Slave Nation.

This is time we have to clearly identify our problems and the reasons behind, to find the real ideal solutions, to gift a bright future to our next generations, instead of beating the drum ‘Pidar-e-ma Sultan Bood”.Long Live Pakistan, Pakistan Zinda-abad, --Sajjad Ali Baig, Saudi Arabia.


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