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Byepass Inauguration -A CM does it again

Chitral -- Chief Minister Khyber Pokhtun Khwa Haider Khan Hoti inaugurated the Chitral Bazaar Byepass road, here this afternoon. The inauguration plaque named the Byepass as Khan Abdul Wali Khan Byepass road which is estimated to cost 34 crore rupees. About 23 crore rupees have already been released for the purpose The Chief Minister pledged to give remaining money for completion of the road. It may be pointed out that this is the third time that the said byepass road has been inaugurated by chief ministers, but for mysterious reasons work never started. on it.


First inauguration took place in 1996 when the then Chief Minister NWFP Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao cut the ribbon and unveiled the inauguration plague but before the CM's aircraft landed back in Peshawar conspiracy had begun to shelve the project which was successful and the CM did not even bother to inquire as to why his inaugurated project was failed by lower level. operatives. Then during the MMA govt 2006 the then chief Minister Akram Durrani announced at the polo ground that the byepass road work would be launched immediately but that too proved to be mere bluff.


This time again the remote fear (twice bitten third time shy) is that though the project may be launched because money has been released but it could be corrupted by breaking the project into pieces and hurriedly starting construction on partial portion before acquiring the complete land,  to pocket the heavy commissions involved in construction while ditching the acquisition part as there are no commissions in it..


Citizens of Chitral town have thanked the CM for his inauguration of the byepass project and demanded that in the first phase land acquisition of the complete road be made and thereafter work on construction be started in the next phase, otherwise it will be assumed that conspiracy is again afoot for failing the project. which has been successfully  failed twice in the past. .--CN report, 18 Oct 10.


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