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Rally seeks action against attackers of MNA

The News

CHITRAL: People of Drosh here Friday staged a protest rally demanding action against people involved in the attack on MNA Shahzada Mohiuddin.

Addressing the protesters, the speakers including Qari Israr Ahmed, former union council nazim Suhrab Khan and others alleged that terrorists from Dir, Swat and Afghanistan were hired by his opponents to kill the MNA.

They said that Shahzada Mohiuddin was targetted after the Supreme Court verdict in his favour in the land dispute case. They said certain political elements were supporting the Gujjar community despite the fact that they were the tenants of the MNA. “The Gujjars are tenants of the MNA and other local people and they have no ancestral land in the valley,” Suhrab Khan said.

He said that certain political forces were instigating the opponents of the MNA and creating hurdles in the implementation of the Supreme Court verdict. They urged the district police to take action against the miscreants, who were bent upon creating law and order in the region.--(The News)


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