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'Holier than the holy'

Fasting day longer in Chitral !


Chitral --Fasting day in Chitral is about 30+ minutes longer compared to other cities. eg on 14 Aug the fajr (Dawn) Azaans started at 0350hrs  while the Maghrib (Dusk) fast breaking Azaan started at 1920 hrs making the fasting day 19 hrs 30mins long. In comparison, in Islamabad on 15 Aug the fajr Aazan started at 0400 hrs and dusk (fast break) Azaan was at 1855 hrs, making the fasting day 18 hrs 50 minutes. The absence of electricity in Chitral town and resultant absence of hooter and Azaan on loudspeaker at the Iftar time makes the Fasters delay the fast break by another few minutes to be on the safe side.


The million dollar question here is, does the extended fasting time make Chitralis any more holy than others? In fact ground realities bespeak otherwise. Telling lies, cheating, forgery, adulteration, hoarding, bribery, nepotism, you name it and the evil thrives rich in Chitral. Many now seem to justify bribery by saying that it is so common in the society that we cannot live without it so we must accept it and not discuss it at al!.


The fact that a prominent trader who has performed Haj many times over, was caught  telling lies under oath in a mosque during this holy month, only goes to prove that when money matters come in, every thing else including religious convictions go asunder.


Moral fiber of the society, which proudly calls itself Muslim, but lives a life unbecoming, can only be mended if our preachers sort out their priorities while preaching and stress upon the basic requirements from a good human being as envisaged in our religion as in all other religions --CN report,14 Aug 10.

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