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US national arrested in Chitral

Chitral -- --An American national Gary Brooks Faulkner was arrested from the Bumburet Kalash valley of Chitral, reportedly trying to cross over into Nuristan province of Afghanistan which borders the area. The suspect was reportedly armed with a pistol a dagger and a scimitar and he was repeatedly expressing his intentions of crossing into Afghanistan and fighting the Taliban and Osama. The arrested person had visited Pakistan on seven occasions earlier. (Muhkamuddin, 15 June 10)


US national arrested in Chitral -letter

The way the subject news has been splashed across the global media in a flash, seems to be a sinister plan from somewhere to antagonise the local population against Christians, as some western papers have reported the gentleman was carrying biblical verses on him when caught. I hope Chitralis will take the whole story with a pinch of salt and dismiss such sensationalism to continue with their peaceful tranquil and tolerant way of life.


Muhammad Arif,


15 June 10.


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