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Eid celebrated in Chitral

Chitral -- Eidul Azha was celebrated with religious fervour and reverence in Chitral. Eid prayers were held in main mosques, Eid gahs and  Jamaat Khanas along and across the valley. Prayer leaders stressed upon the importance of sacrifice and urged upon all to not restrict it to slaughtering animals but imbibe it in their daily lives.

As Eid is an occasion for meeting each other, gaily dressed women and joyous children moved about in Jeeps and ghogais to meet relatives in different villages. The ratio of qurbani (slaughtering of animal ) was minimal this year as high prices and low buying power restricted the ratio of animal sacrificers to a maximum of five percent of the population.  Shopkeepers said that this year credit shopping also showed an increase, again because of lack of cash with the people and more people have Eid shopping debts on their back compared to last year.--(GH Farooqi, 18 Nov 10)


Eid shoppers battle high prices
Chitral -- Galloping inflation caused high prices of almost every item in the market have dampened the otherwise joyous Eid shopping phase. In Chitral bazaar only shops selling children and ladies garments and shoes were seen somewhat populated, showing the priority of these two categories in the Eid spendings.  One customer Bulbul Ali talking to our correspondent said that he had not made new clothes for himself but was buying ready made garments for his three children because "I love my children and will even take loan to satisfy their desire for new clothes" he said..


Meanwhile sacrificial animals have shown 100 percent increase in price. An average goat costing Rs 4000 last year is now costing Rs 8000, with the result that many people who were regular in offering animal sacrifice uptill  now have shown inability to do the same this year and many have opted for collective sacrifice due to the high prices of animals and low buying power.of customers. --CN report, 15 Nov, 10


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