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Climate change day observed

Chitral --International Day of Climate Change was celebrated in Booni, Chitral , Pakistan , through the joint efforts of Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism (CAMAT) and Orion School of Learning (OSL). The event was facilitated by As many as 500 people from different walks of life e.g. community leadership, women representatives, scholars, volunteers, parents and students participated.


The day has had significance for the people of Booni, Chitral as they have recently witnessed a devastating flood destroying their valuable property and causing them major health problems, psychological twists and infrastructure disruption. This bitter experience has sensitized the locals to seriously think about saving the natural environment.


Sadruddin, the principal of Orion School of Learning (OSL), Shams Uddin, Manager CAMAT and organizer of the event, , Advocate Amir Akber Khan, were prominent amongst the speakers who spoke in favour of preservation of environment, against deforestation and adoption of nature friendly life style. --Shamsuddin, Chitral, 13 Oct 10


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