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Traffic jams in Chitral bazaar becomes serious

Chitral  --Traffic jams in Chitral bazaar has made life miserable for commuters, some even reportedly missing flights because of the holdups. Pedestrians and vehicles are in competition to get place on the road and vehicles hitting passengers in the bargain are a daily matter. Authorities are not only oblivious to the agony of the commuters but rather seem enjoying their plight.


The 15 ft wide Chitral bazaar road built in the 1950s, when there were only three vehicles in the whole of Chitral, is shrieking  under the load of scores of vehicles trying to move through the bazaar at a time. A bazaar bypass road duly designed in 1995 and inaugurated by the then chief minister still awaits to be actualized, Now that money to the tune of 200 million rupees has been allocated for the purpose the reason for non commencement of work is un understandable.


When our correspondent asked the DCO about reasons for delay in commencement of the work, he said, there was no hitch in it and all formalities have been completed in this regard and only the visit of Chief Minister is awaited who would inaugurate the project. Insiders in the concerned departments however confided with Chitral News  on conditions of anonymity that seriousness does not exist in actually starting the work and the project is being delayed for mysterious reasons, much to the suffering of the people of Chitral town. .--(CN report, 12 Oct 10)


Comment 1

It is a pity that VIPism is again taking the toll on public interest. As I gather from the news report and see for myself, the traffic situation in the Chitral Bazaar is critical . In such a case why should the construction of a bypass road be delayed just because the Chief Minister is to visit at his convenience and inaugurate it.


 If inauguration were that important then the same road inaugurated by the Chief Minister of 1995 should have long been completed by now. but it was shelved even before the ink on the inauguration plaque dried. On the other hand we have the example of the Chowni bridge built by the Japanese. No inaugurations took place. No VIP delivered speech. No 'Dast e Mubarik' cut any ribbon The Japanese quietly came built the bridge and went away in a record one year time and people started using the bridge without even seeing the face of who built it. 


When will we become civilised and follow the people who are living like sensible human beings? When will we get rid of the curse of VIPism and the culture of politicising every thing to its detrimence? --Muhammad Asif, Chitral, 13 Oct 10


Comment 2

This is with the reference to the under discussion topic “ traffic jams in Chitral bazaar becomes Serious”. I am totally agreed with MR. Muhammad Asif and appreciate his very matched comparison between the construction of Chownee Bridge by Japanese and the By- pass Road. Building on this I will click in with my views that the so called “ VIPism” is a national issue. It’s very unfortunate to say that if not all but many of the problems faced by poor people are due to this very issue. Our leaders wants their names to be associated with development projects. I think this is what we do not understand (specially our leaders), we do not believe in taking responsibility and work that ultimately gives a good impression among the public, instead we look for such opportunities to show our spark our profiles.

Concerned authority should ensure the start of construction of By-Pass Road without any further delay. Because, who knows what will happen the next day? specially with this Government setup. Things can change dramatically in Pakistan (as it is part of our history) and we do fear when we think of that. Because in Pakistan with the change in Government their development projects are cancelled and we have to see the process start form the very scratch.

Incase if it is mandatory for the CM to inaugurate the start of work, from the platform of CN we humbly request the Honorable CM to vist Chitral as soon as possible for the inaugural of this project.--Asghar Ali, Islamabad, 14 Oct 10.


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