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  Namoos e Risalat rally in Drosh

Chitral: --A rally comprising of hundreds of people was held at Drosh. The rally was led by  Qari Jamal Nasir Convener of Namosi Risalat Council Drosh. It converted into a public meeting which was presided over by Maulana Musharaf Khan Khateeb Jamia Masjid Bilal Drosh. Different personalities delivered speeches in the public meeting. Through a unanimous resolution they demanded continuation of Section 295/C in the constitution and warned against any amendment in this blasphemy law and stressed upon giving of death sentence to those who committed of blasphemy. They said that public meetings and rallies would be held in big towns of Chitral as well as Seerat Conferences would be held in all Mosques of Chitral to highlight the character of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

They also demanded for giving death sentence to Christian woman Asia Bibi who committed blasphemy  . Those who spoke on the occasion were Al-Haj Khurshid Ali, Fazle Rashid, Abid Jan of ANP, Sher Jawan of PPP, Maulana Israruddin Al-Hilal, Maulana Inamul Haq, Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir  and Maulana Mushraf Khan.. A large number of people belonging to all walk of life attended the public meeting which was held on main Peshawar Chitral road. --GH Farooqi,11 Dec 2010



It is heartening to know that religious preachers are planning to hold public meetings and seerat conferences to highlight  the character traits of our Holy Prophet  Muhammad (PBUH).  I hope they will duly highlight the character trait of the prophet according to which he was extremely tolerant, kind and forgiving to all including his enemies and those who showed disrespect to his person. --Faridul Haq, Chitral 11 Dec 2010.


Comment 2

Referring to the subject news item and the earlier comment on it, I would like to forward few lines.

We have developed the habit if criticizing our religious leaders, and expecting every thing from them, without trying to practice any of their advise(s) in our own lives. We must correct our mindsets that, the religious leaders have not been given the contract to do every thing for us. They have done a lot so far and are still doing at their best to show us the right path, and doing it only for pleasure of Allah Swt without any worldly reward with exception of few political jerks.


 Instead of correcting ourselves we throw our garbage on heads of Ulema. We must keep in mind that, the religion which we are enjoying today has always been protected, defended and communicated only by the Ulema. I think they have not left any stone unturned in process of conveying the message of Allah and his Habib Mohammad Sws to us. Even now they are the ones stand up against any evil happening in the society without any worldly reward, they happily accept any punishment for Allah. Despite all those affords majority of us are detracted, a good number of us are out there have not been able to understand that there is nobody parallel or counterpart of Mohammad Sws.


There is none except Allah who could do any thing and there is none parallel to him and he has no agent or communicator after Mohammad SWS, he is the one and only khaliq Malik and Mawla of the whole universe. There is none directly or indirectly nominated by Allah after prophet Sws to implement, modify, transform or revise the commandments of him (Allah). The Message of Allah is completed by Mohammad Sws in his last sermon and it will remain the same till the day of Qyamaa. We must keep in mind that we don’t have the right to ask any Alim to correct himself. Because this matter is between Allah and the person. We have to see, do the Ulema communicate the Hadeth and Quraan to us or not.


The tolerance and forgiving is obviously there in Islam, but at certain point the fight against evil becomes more important to correct the evil. At one occasion Mohammad SWS started crying after giving order to cut he finger of a thief, when Sahaba asked him SWS, it is being done on his order why he is crying, Mohammad Sws said “ It was not my order, it was order of Allah and I have to implement it”.

Allah may give us Tawfeeq to understand and practice the advises of Ulemaa, and may their sacrifices be accepted by Allah Swt. It is only because of Ulema we are Muslims today, if they were not there Allah knows where would have been standing today.

We must keep in mind that: Munkir e Hadeth is Munkir e Rasool, and Munkir e Rasool is Mukir e Allah.
And the famous Chitrali proverb " Dushmano suff rarduwan korey,, Suff karduvaan mo korey". The personal deeds of Ulema will be judged by Allah only . We are nobody to judge their deeds. .May Allah give us understanding. --Dr. Khalil ( Jughooru), Ontario Canada, 23 Dec 2010


Comment 3

Nowadays it has become a fashion to criticize the ulamaa without knowing the fact & in this scenario Dr Khalil has not only described our mis-conception about ulamaa but also very precisely listed the role of ulamaa for the guidance of Muslim Umma. The followers of every religion respect their religious leaders beside their personal deeds but unfortunately we are searching every time to find out the mistakes in our ulamaa & very proudly publicize their mistakes.


We should keep in mind the fact that the Ulamaa are not angel and are human being like us, they can do mistakes, they can also commit sins but the difference is that we forget our mistakes which encourage us to make more mistakes whereas the ulamaa realize their mistakes, pray to Allah almighty to forgive them & promise for not repeating the mistakes which minimize their mistakes.


Here a question will rise that if their mistakes are at minimal level compared to us then why they are more visible to public?, the answer is very simple from the example that a dot of stain will be very visible on a piece of white cloth but the same dot of stain will be invisible on a dirty piece of cloth. We are passing in such period where to commit sins is not a big issue but to think about a good deed is a big challenge & in this situation give more importance to the guidance of ulamaa.--Hameed Ullah (Booni) Gulberg Lahore 23 Dec 2010


Comment 4

After reading the last two posts, I went through the news story again. Neither in the news story nor in any comment, is there a criticism of the Ulema. Why then the two letters by Dr Khalil and Hameed Ullah defending against imaginary criticism of Ulema ?  --Faridul Haq, Chitral 24 Dec 2010.



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