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Solar technology comes to Chitral

Chitral  --Solar energy is one of the most talked about subjects in drawing room gossips or TV shows, but practically hardly any thing has been done about it.


In Chitral when power crisis was at its peak the  District Coordination Officer  had assured angry protesters that CIADP, a high brow, unproven, multi million dollar guzzling NGO, is soon going to launch Solar energy projects in Chitral but it remains to be seen.


 It was however a pleasant surprise to see an individual taking the initiative and installing solar power equipment at his own expense. Capt Sirajul Mulk a hotelier and entrepreneur took the first step with installing solar water heaters at his hotel in Chitral town.


When asked why he went for solar power when he already possessed a private hydel power station, he said solar power is clean and maintenance free and Chitral has abundance of sunlight waiting to be utilized. He said he would use a combination of solar and wind power and prove to the people that we can rid ourselves of WAPDA power source which  besides being too expensive is never there when you need it most. ..--(CN report, 10 Oct 10)


Comment 1

A good initiative and an appreciable effort, but to be realistic, isn't it like choosing a cart instead of a car because  in such an area where there is abundant water for hydel power we don't need to look for such an expensive alternative. My request to Capt Siraj is to  broaden his private  hydel project to other areas as well, especially the remote areas. The people need it and  I'm sure people will definitely, support him too.--Yasir Ali, Karsaz Karachi, 12 Oct, 10


Comment 2

This is with reference to the news item regarding on solar technology . No doubt there is a enormous potential of hydro power in Chitral and the same can be utilized for the power generation for domestic as well as to meet the national power requirements, but the main problem is to tap these resources in a sustainable and economical way, and solar energy/technology can be one of the possible solution of the power shortage problem in Chitral.


 The concept of using sun as an energy source is not new; even during ancient times the Greeks, the Chinese and the Native Americans were using the sun to warm their homes and keep them disease free. According to a recent research the amount of energy the sun sends towards our planet is 35,000 times more than what we currently produce and consume. Some part of this energy better known as solar radiation is reflected back into space but a lot of it is absorbed by the atmosphere and other elements surrounding the inner atmosphere.


Solar energy can be easily harnessed for practical purposes such as heating homes, lighting bulbs and many other purposes. And I consider that this is the best way out to lessen the level  of climate change/global warming as Electricity is generated indirectly too by first generating heat from solar energy and then using the steam produced in the process to run power generators. Here too, since no fossil fuels are being burned to produce heat, the resultant energy is 100% eco-friendly and very good for the susceptible areas where global warming/ climate change has badly affected the natural glaciers and other ecosystem.


I appreciate this good initiative and a significant effort of Capt: Siraj ul Mulik and I hope that other people will further this idea at their level and will promote this environmental friendly initiative in Chitral. --Ajaz Ahmad Forest department, Chitral, 13 Oct 10.



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