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Musharraf to contest elections from Chitral?


ISLAMABAD, July 10: It seems that a political change is brewing in the country as former president Gen (retired) Pervez Musharraf is vying to represent masses from the remotest part of the country and most likely contest next general elections from Chitral on the platform of his newly formed party.

Major General (retired) Rashid Qureshi, who was the military and presidential spokesman for Musharraf and is one of the ‘masterminds’ behind All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) stated this during an exclusive talk with this correspondent on Saturday.

Some political parties are hostile to Musharraf but in the absence of solid evidence of any wrongdoing /accusations, he said, adding that former general ‘is more popular with the downtrodden than some of the most high image political pundits’.

He said that Musharraf will come back to Pakistan soon as majority of politicians want him to storm Pakistani politics once again as the country is going through a very critical phase of its bumpy political history.

“The date of his (Musharraf) return is not yet decided as APML is working for maximum security for him while in Pakistan. We keep him informed about the latest political situation in the country and he is very much desirous of cleaning his slate before the nation," he added.

He also said that eighty politicians, including MNAs, senators and nazims from PPP and PML-N, PML-Q had recently called on Pervez Musharraf in Dubai and some are scheduled to meet him within a week to show him solidarity and complete support on entering the political mainstream of Pakistan.

He said that the party has organized various introductory events in major cities of the country and soon it will make its presence felt in Balochistan and Chitral. “We are getting very good response from all over the country since the launch of APML”, he maintained.

This is pertinent to mention that Musharraf is confident of winning general elections from Chitral as he was instrumental in opening the Lowari tunnel, which is the shortest possible all-weather route, connecting the valley with other parts of the country.--(Zulfiqar Ahmad)


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