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All parties demand accessible Justice

Chitral  -- An all parties’ conference on the implementation of Adal (justice) Regulation Ordinance in Malakand was organized by District Bar Association here.

The conference was sponsored by Human Rights Foundation Chitral. Representatives from all political, religious parties, different associations and civil society organizations as well as elites of the area attended the conference. The conference was presided over by Khurshid Hussain Mughal, President District Bar Association.

The stakeholders expressed their great concern over establishment of Darul Darulqaza at Fizagat, Swat, because they said it was not easily accessible for Chitrali people.

They demanded that the Darulqaza should be shifted to Temergara. According to a notification of 1975, all forest, desert land, pastures and mountains were estate property and these cases can be decided by District Officer Revenue and Estate which can be challenged only before Additional Commissioner at Swat.

The affected parties can submit their appeals to the Additional Commissioner at Swat which is also difficult for Chitrali people and they demanded for setting up of a camp office of ACC at Chitral to hear and decide revenue cases.

Majority of Chitrali people depend on government services but service matter cases are taken up at Service Tribunal in Peshawar. The speakers also demanded establishment of a service tribunal camp office in Chitral.

They criticized extension of anti-terrorism act to Chitral which is very peaceful area and such cases can only be heard and decided at Swat.

They demanded delegation of power to District and Sessions Judge Chitral to decide anti-terrorism cases. The stakeholders also demanded establishment of a High Court camp office at Chitral.

They criticized higher education department and elected representatives of Chitral for their failure in opening a campus of Shringal or Abdul Wali Khan University in Chitral.

The speakers criticized the local police for misusing the anti-terrorism act and using it on political pressure..--(GH Farooqi, 09 Oct 10)


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