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Kufr toota khuda khuda kar kay

Byepass road takes off finally

Chitral --After three decades of waiting and repeatedly being inaugurated only to be put in the cold storage soon after, the Chitral Bazaar Byepass road (Wali Khan Byepass road) has finally taken off partially with work starting on razing the cliff over-hang at Chew bridge.  Land for the road starting from Chew bridge upto Ataliq bridge has been acquired and payment made to the land owners. All affectees have accepted payment under protest as the amount payed is a fraction of the actual cost of the land and shops acquired. The original  80 ft width of the  road has been reduced to 50 ft due to political pressures. Residents of Chitral town have appreciated the start of the long delayed project and demanded completion pf the full stretch of the byepass road at the earliest instead of doing a half baked job. --CN report , 09 Dec 2010


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