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Frantic shopping heralds arrival of Eid

Chitral -- Frantic shopping activity in Chitral bazaars marks the final days of Ramzan and arrival of Eid ul Fitr festival one of the most awaited events in Islamic calendar. Most of the shopping carried out is of new clothes, footwear bakery stuff and sweet meat which are essential ingredients of an Eid day. According to a survey carried out by Chitral News two years back, 70 percent shopping is related to the requirements of women and children who are very sensitive about wearing new clothes and new shoes on Eid day. Traditionally the average shopper over spends in the frenzy of Eid shopping and gets into red with the shopkeepers who readily give them stuff on credit at a premium. Just as the principles of  tolerance and forbearance are overlooked during Ramzan, so are the teachings of moderation and austerity conveniently put aside during Eid shoppings.  --CN report, 08 Sept 10


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