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Youth forum holds debate

Mastuj --Ispru Youth forum Chitral, an organization of young people from different parts of district Chitral, organized a debate for the youth of Mastuj area on the theme of “Impact of Technology on Youth” on Dec 5 in Govt High School Mastuj. Ispru youth Forum Chitral is a non-political and non-communal body that aspires to significantly change and develop the behavior of youth of Chitral by creating opportunities through a meticulous and continued program of awareness, motivation and inspiration The event was sponsored by Regional Women Empowerment Project (RWEP) Chitral.

The main objectives of the debate program were to encourage critical thinking, personal expressions and tolerance of others opinions. The topic was debated by the students of Mastuj college of Arts and Sciences, Erudite college of Commerce, Darband Degree college Chunj and Dawn Institute of Education Mastuj. Students discussed about the pros and cons of technology used in local context such as Mobile phones, television, Computer/internet. They argued about the right choices, what is morally and legally right and what is possible and prudent attitude in the face of technological advancement. Syeda Azim, Syed ghous Ali shah students of Erudite College of Commerce ,Zahida, student of Darband degree college and Rizwana of Dawn institute of Education were declared as the best Debaters. Students also highlighted the various aspects of technology through their poems.

Nazir ul Haq, the Secretey general of the forum welcome the audience and gave an overview of the forum activities. He expressed gratitude to the audience and thanked RWEP for supporting the forum’s activities. The whole event was mediated by Inayat ullah shahzad.Shaukat ali khan introduced the forum to the audience and participants and Najmuddin mediated the debate session.

The program was also attended by notables of the region and teachers of various schools and colleges. Mr Abdur Rehman, Syed shahabuddin and others spoke on the occasion and appreciated the forum’s efforts. They vowed that such programs should be arranged for students on regular basis. Shahzada Sikandar ul Mulk, Chief Guest of the program distributed prizes among the debaters and lauded the efforts of the forum to the cause of youth development. Light refreshment was served at the end of the program.  --CN report ,  08 Dec 2010


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