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MNA demands continuation of special status for Chitral

Chitral  -- MNA Shahzada Mohiuddin has demanded of the federal Govt to reject the proposal from KP govt to terminate the special status under PATA given to Chitral. In a press statement in Islamabad he said that he has raised the point in the National Assembly meeting. He lamented that the three former princely states of the frontier joined Pakistan under an agreement with the Quaid Azam to maintain their special status, but in 1969 Yahya Khan violated the agreement and merged the states into the settled districts.Some provisions of concessions still remained under the PATA regulations but now the KP govt wants to do away with PATA regulations which will deprive Chitral of some privileges which it enjoys under the aforementioned regulation. He therefore urged the KP govt and Federal govt to not penalise Chitral with any new adverse regulations.--(CN report, 08 Oct 10)


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