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Girl students protest lack of transport


Chitral --All the students of Govt Girls Degree College Booni staged a strike blocking road for traffic, demanding transport facility for the students coming from Awi, Booni, Charun, Oveer, Kosht, Mordair, Muzhgoal, Warijon, Bumbagh, Kuragh, Zait and Reshun. Students said that they had requested and forwarded their genuine right before the College and District administration but it were taken for granted and therefore, we had no any other option except come into the road to bring it in spotlight. They say that if government and educational department of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa could not make basic arrangements for students, why they have been given admission in this College. They also say that we had come here with the hope that all facilities will be available for them including transportation service.

The very demand of the students is for the facility of transport and for beds and clearing toilets of the Hostel. They say that we are facing a lot of problem, to come at the time of class and after class going to homes. One student in pathetic tone said that this regular passage of hours has adversely affected not only our health but also our education.

It seems also awkward not only to general public of the area but also to students to walk daily along Mastuj road, few parents said. They complain that there are immense chances of accidents where traffic is rushing very high and most dim-witted people take a dim view of their daughters. They also said that they had been coming in college with complaints of this issue that their daughters walk along the road of Mastuj every day, college must have to provide this service for their daughters.

 It is pertinent to note here that College administration left no stone unturned to make possible transport arrangements for students but was not suffice to accommodate all students.
When the intensity of strike had been escalating slowly and gradually, TMA Mastuj, AC Mastuj, Faiz-Ur-Rehman and particularly Sardar Hussein of Booni became successful to convince the students back to college building and police officers with convoy did their best to keep law and order situation and controlling traffic and other people.

When the students came back in the area of college and gathered, Sardar Hussain delivered a speech reiterating the services of himself and the representatives of Chitral for the establishment of this college and also said that they are still standby and doing their level best to provide you all facilities including transportation. .AC Mastuj and TMA Mastuj also provided catharsis for students in terms of giving assurance and support. Students slowly calm down and but put their demand of transportation, beds and clean toilets for Hostel, blatantly before the administration for completion in few days.   

For the last one year Govt Girls Degree College Booni offers educational facilities for about 900 students of upper Chitral. This institution has been made functional on the hard work of our representatives. People of upper Chitral pay heartily homage to the representatives, for their sincere and dedicated work for a noble cause. It is now an ideal time for the representatives of Chitral to serve public and working for their constituency by making proper transport arrangement and Hostel facilities for the students on priority basis. --Alhaj Muhammad Khan, Charun Chitral, 06 Oct 10.



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