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Afghan intruders attack border post

Chitral  -- Intruders from across the border reportedly Afghan Taliban attacked Godibar checkpost on Arandu road near Pak-Afghan border and snatched rifles from the security forces.

According to SHO Arandu, some 250 Taliban entered Pakistani area from Nooristan (Afghanistan) at night and attacked on Godibar security post which was constructed before partition.

They asked the security forces to put their hands up and then took their arms iand ammo away. They also tied eight of the personnel with ropes and snatched three G-3 rifles from Chitral Scouts, four rifles and one Kalashnikov from Border Police and fled towards Gambir valley in Nooristan.

It may be mentioned here that a few years back Afghan Taliban snatched rifles from police staff while recently they also kidnapped some labourers and later killed three them .--GH Farooqi, 01 Oct 10

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