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 "I think, therefore I am"  -(Descartes)



Have an idea?, Share it with others!. This page is dedicated to any idea you may wish to put forward. No restriction on the nature or dimension of the idea. It could be global or local or even personal -doesn't matter.  Short and crisp write-ups are appreciated.





Usefully engaging Jail inmates


I get this idea from a news story published in Daily Mail  read details. Why should we also not employ jailed criminals to clean the roads and other hard labour instead of hauling them up in a compound and feeding them. Many people who have seen the jail life in Pakistan say it is rather comfortable for a criminal and they wouldn't  mind going back.there.  If Jailed criminals are made to do hard labour in Public service it would have two benefits, firstly social service free of cost would be provided and secondly it would be a deterrent for habitual criminals to like the jail.-- Submitted by Amjad Ali, Chitral (04 Dec 10)


Replace Urdu with Arabic -4


With reference to the views of respectable writers on the subject,  I thank them for the generation of a fruitful discourse on a very important but hitherto ignored issue.  The writers have very aptly suggested to introduce Arabic as a national language in view of its religious, social, cultural, political and economical benefits for the nation.

Introduction of Arabic in our curriculum will renovate and reform our deteriorated society on true Islamic lines because the root cause of the degeneration of our individual paradigms and social values is our ignorance of the teachings of the Holy Quran. We have inherited Islam as a religion from our forefathers and are Muslims just by nomenclature and follow the conventions and traditions of our ancestors by default without any labor on our part to get an insight of what we practice and what we should as Muslims.

The Quran is the word of Allah revealed very plainly in the Arabic language by our creator for the guidance and salvation of entire humanity in this world and the hereafter but the pity is that we utter the verses of the holy Quran in rituals without comprehending the message of the creator as if we are articulating some unintelligible magical spells while the verses of the Quran reiterate again and again the importance of learning the divine guidance so that the universal principles of eternal success can be practiced in letter and spirit. Islam is a complete code of life and the do's and don'ts are crystal clear in the verses of the Holy Quran.
'And we have made the message of Quran very easy, is there anyone to learn' sura Alqamer.

Unfortunately our diverse educational systems have separated education in terms of religious and secular against the very spirit of the Holy Quran. Religious seminaries with their centuries old syllabus, consider modern scientific education as a forbidden fruit and their graduates with inadequate knowledge and obscurantist views try to mould the society accordingly. These so-called scholars try to inculcate the idea in the minds of the public that the Holy Quran cannot be learnt without entering a madrassa ,while we, the graduates of colleges either give a fig to the teachings of the Holy Quran by leading a careless and irresponsible life or become a victim of the priesthood propagated through madrassas. These diverse and extreme views shake and destabilize our societal edifice. therefore introduction of Arabic in our curriculum from grade one up to secondary level as a compulsory subject will enable us to understand the message of our creator. This will be helpful in the creation of true Islamic society based on the universal principles of the Holy Quran apart from enhancing our social, political and economic status. --Submitted by Saidul Abrar, Moghlandeh Chitral. (03 Oct 09)


Replace Urdu with Arabic -3


This is with reference to the letters written by Editor CN Fardad Ali Shah and renowned economist Dr Tariqullah Khan, suggesting replacement of Urdu with Arabic as the national language for Pakistan.

I fully endorse the valuable ideas of both the writers. It was even the dream and wish of the founder of All India Muslim league HH Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah The Aga Khan-111, to have Arabic as national language for the proposed and much struggled newly born country. Later on due to unknown reasons Urdu was declared as national language. By saying this I do not mean to oppose anyone who thought or is still thinking that Urdu should be the national language. I have great respect for all those who struggled hard for creation of an independent state for the Muslim majority people of Sub-continent and all those who presently still thinking Urdu to be Ok as the national language.

There is a big difference between 'it is OK' and 'it is better'.  Look at it this way-In addition to our religious rites and rituals we have to go to Saudi Arabia every now and then. For our oil requirements, for other financial help, looking for labour employment, for conciliation, arbitration and particularly for settlement of political disputes we have to rush to Saudi Arabia where we need to speak Arabic. For political meetings we fly to Dubai where we need to speak Arabic. Similar is the position with other Arab countries.


Talking of the diminished relevance of Urdu we see that in order to meet our additional needs of oil and gas we have to look towards our brother and neighbor country Iran and Central Asian countries and to Afghanistan, where we need to speak Persian. For our strategic, financial needs and loans we have to run to China where we need to speak Chinese -even in Pakistan in different provinces we have to speak different languages. My question is that when and where do we benefit from our present national language Urdu?

We should accept the ground realities and do that which is better for us. In my view, not only Arabic, even if Persian or Chinese too had been our national language; it would have given us great advantage as both these languages possess big and deep history, culture, and development in them in terms of knowledge in science and technology.

1400 (Fourteen hundred) years ago when there were no means of transport and communications our Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) asked us to go to (even) China in search of knowledge. Now as the whole world has become a global village we should make choice of that which is better for us without any hang ups or making anything a matter of false honour and prestige. --Submitted by Zahir Uddin, Canada (01 Oct 09.)


Replace Urdu with Arabic -2


'Replace Urdu with Arabic' is a great idea of immense national significance. The Editor CN has highlighted its irrefutable religious, civilizational and social importance. The benefits of the idea are of similar high magnitude in terms of its economic and financial implications. There is a huge market for the Pakistani human capital in the GCC region. However, a very large size of this market is lost due to the linguistic barriers confronting us in accessing the most competitive fields such as health, education and the financial services industry. With Arabic as national language Pakistan could also have been entitled to the membership of the economic and monetary groupings in the region.

Due to the great religious and economic significance of Arabic for our nation, despite opting for Urdu as a national language, Pakistan could still have invested in improving our national literacy in the Arabic language. Unfortunately, it was not done and immense opportunities of national importance have been lost by not giving Arabic its due importance in our public policies.

However, for nations, 62 years are just the beginning of a history. Looking ahead, the ideal would be to amendment the constitution and adopt Arabic as the second national language. Indeed, our GCC and Arab well-wishers are expected to offer financial and technical support to achieve certain level of targeted national literacy in the Arabic language over the medium term. In the long-term, along with promoting its socio-religious and civilizational objectives, the policy of adopting Arabic as a second national language will be highly instrumental in accessing the GCC markets by the Pakistani manpower.

I understand that the National Assembly has established a constitutional reforms committee. I would therefore, suggest that, as a follow-up on his excellent idea, the Editor CN shall submit the proposal to the constitutional committee for their considerations. --Submitted by Tariqullah Khan (27 sep 09)

Replace Urdu with Arabic


We as Muslims pray five times a day in Arabic, recite the Holy Quran, celebrate our births, weddings and all important occasions even observe death rites in the Arabic language, but unfortunately 99 percent of us do not understand the head or tail of Arabic. We recite the Quranic verses in prayers by rote without understanding their meanings. I can't comprehend as to why do we choose to perpetually continue with this fatal deficiency.


 Wouldn't it be prudent to replace Urdu with Arabic as our national language.  Urdu has no significance any way you look at it, where as Arabic is inevitable for us Muslims whether we like it or not. So why not embrace it wholly and start understanding what we say in our prayers at least. We can start a ten year aggressive program of converting to Arabic by making it compulsory from class 1 right away besides comprehensive Arabic literacy courses for adults, so that after ten years we can smoothly implement it as a replacement for Urdu. Also read 5.htm --Submitted by Fardad Ali Shah, Chitral (25 Sep 09)


Our Top rulers should be bachelors


I wish to share an idea with your readers -something which lurks in my mind.  If we want to check corruption in this country I think we should have bachelors on the top echelons of our Govt eg president, prime minister, governors ministers etc. The reason is, I feel most of the corruption is done to meet the monetary demands of the wife, children or wife's relatives. A bachelor person would be free of these encumbrances and will not need to be be greedy or corrupt, as his requirements would be limited.  --Submitted by Sultan-e-Room, Booni. (31 July 09)


Research needed to solve world crises


With the passage of time, the standard of every thing slowly but steadily is eroding; from human values, human needs, human relations and education etc, all things even love is becoming artificial and commercial. I think this is the most important challenge to the man from Australia to Japan and  USA to Africa.  Fear and favour is taking its toll on every one all over the world and nobody knows what is the end result of this. I think a thorough research should be conducted to resolve this world crisis on priority basis. --Submitted Atta Ur Rehman Atta, (12 July 09).


Proposed new Office timings


I have a suggestion to amend the present office timings in the country. I suggest office timings in all government departments should be from one hour after fajr Azan (dawn prayer call) upto the Zohar Azan (noon prayer call)-about 8 hours duration. Advantages of the changed timings, as I perceive, are as follows.

1 - Waking for morning prayers is a basic requirement for a Muslim and most would say their prayers too when made to wake up compulsorily at that time (like we experience in Ramzan).

2 - Morning time is when human faculties are in their most efficient and creative mode. This can be used for productive work instead of sleeping.

3 -At present the afternoon prayers allowance during working hours is grossly misused with officials leaving their seats hours before on the pretext of preparing for prayers. According to the new timings, afternoon prayers time would be after office hours, so there will be no excuse to steal office working time.

4 -Enough daylight time would be available to the govt employees to attend to their personal matters after working hours.

5 -It will inculcate a healthy habit in us and we will not feel much difference while waking up for fasting in Ramazan.

6 -Even non Muslims in Pakistan would appreciate these timings, as all agree with the time old adage of 'early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. --Submitted by Fardad Ali Shah, Chitral.



Proposal for prioritization in the Islamic teachings recommended curriculum
We have made the Quran easy to remember: but will any take heed?
( Sura: Al-Qamar) -Al Quran:

I have neither the qualities of religious scholars nor hold any command on Islamic knowledge like a Maulana, even I am not from such high caliber English writers who express events clearly, concisely and effectively up to the standard of readers. Any how, as a social analyst, attempt has been made through this article to open a discussion theme regarding improvement in the complicated curriculum of Islamic Teachings recommended for private Education Institutions as Pakistan level confronted common issue. For example in Class 3rd theology course student have been taught about Islamic battles it\s causes and results, before educating him how to recite the Holy Quran and the basic Islamic doctrines necessary for every Muslims to avail nearness to his creator. I am not opposing of awareness about Islamic battles but only proposing prioritization of the Islamic teachings in accordance with the conscious level of the young students in their studies. I think up to primary level students must be taught the Holy Quran as full time course to acquaint the young generation in reciting and translating the Holy Quran and other basic Islamic doctrines believed necessary for building his strong belief upon God. I fully endorse the honourable Pakistan Text Books Board recommended course for higher secondary level theology subject which is more relevant and beneficial for students to get general awareness about the Islamic civilization and important social events of the prophet, Muhammad (Peace be upon him) era.

It is clearly understood that Islam is a spiritual religion incorporated in the Holy book have been sent upon our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) through revelation in parts ober a period of 23 years. Apart from the many reasons one striking aspect behind the divine revelation of the Holy Quranic verses in slow pace upon our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was to explain the basic Islamic teachings thoroughly and clearly through open education available for every human beings without differentiation. Learning of the Holy book and its basic teachings have been declared obligatory to every Muslim being and adopt one’s life in accordance with the teachings of Islam is a means of salvation on the Day of Judgment. God the creator of the universe has proclaimed in the above quoted Quranic verse “The Holy Quran has reveled upon you people, is simple and understandable for every human being who wish to learn the heavenly book and think over to adopt it in his social life”.

Islamic Educationist through presentation of Quranic teachings in the shape of advance courses might be thinking to compete with fast moving complicated scientific achievements. Definitely Science has also been derived from the Holy Quran, but science is in the endeavor of captivation of universe that is why changes occurring in the atomic and social sciences syllabus from time to time. Such changes in the Islamic Education Courses at least primary level seem irrelevant and ridiculous may leads towards ignorance of our mostly young generation from the Quranic perception and the basic Islamic Creeds deem necessary in the character building of our future Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Educationist, Politicians and Social Workers so and so, for the salvation of his inner soul. In my opinion failure in the representation of the true picture of Islam in the social life has widened the gap between various stake holders, has given birth to many fold Islamic Education Systems encouraged religious rivalry and has infused extremism in the society.

In addition to above discussed qualitative benefits, introduction of the proposed basic Quranic Teachings, with due recommendation of Islamic Scholars in each Govt: and Non-govt: educational institutions will create more theology teachers vacancies to accommodate unemployed graduates of the Islamic Madaris. Provision of employment opportunities for the presently deprived groups of our society will be considered as quantitative benefit will further play bridging role between the long separated Islamic Organizations/Scholars to sit together and to chalk out a joint strategy to develop a solo Islamic system for interpretation of Islamic Laws in solving the confronting National level social life religious issues will pave way to diminish extremism and release tension from the society. --Submitted by Asadullah Khan,,Kouzh Mastuj, Chitral.


Teaching Islamic management sciences in Madaris


I am not an Islamic scholar, just a simple Muslim with little knowledge and poor English .

First of all I respect my friend's idea to introduce commercial education in the Deeni madrasas either in global or local prospects but I am sorry for not totally agreeing with this idea due to following simple reasons:

1. The love of money is the root of all evil.

2. As a Muslim I need both physical and spiritual education for my life. Now I am living, tomorrow I may die. I love this world partially.

3. Pakistan is an ideological state and the Deeni madrasas have the greatest role in order to protect our ideological assets, since times.

4. In Pakistan as all over the world, each Muslim cast has a moral and legal rights to live according to the Islamic principals narrated by Quran and Sunna .

5. My life has many requirements such as physical existence, needs and wishes spiritual reformation and legal protection, so I cannot deny any one on of these.

6. If some is of the opinion on the basis of the theory of cause and effect that there is any thread from the Deeni madrasas to others, it may be someone's psychological complexity if I or you are doing bad or persuaded for doing bad in our family it need not necessary mean that all our family members can be blamed for that.

7. You know in Pakistan even in Europe, the unemployment rate is increasing day by day. Highly educated persons with the highest academic degrees are wondering about jobless due to well known global crisis.

8. You know that Islam is the only religion which does not accept global trends on the basis of uncontrolled human wishes and aspirations. Islam is the religion of peace, ego and welfare for all humankind guaranteed by almighty Allah. By virtue of Islam we entered from cave life to modern civilized world, other wise it is said that the history repeats itself. Briefly Deeni madrasas in any form are the basic foundations for human values and the best reformative institutions for all mankind. So as a Muslim, we should be proud of them. God help all of us to be true Muslims -Ameen --Submitted by Atta ur Rehman Atta, Chitral.


Improvement of Education system


Pakistani Nation is going through very difficult times in it's chequered history. Pak army is at war with militant Taliban in the north west of the country. It is believed that there is existential threat to the mother land. Unfortunately extremism is perpetrated in the name of Islam. We must defeat extremism through multi pronged strategy which has damaged the image of Islam throughout the world. Islam stands for peace and tolerance. There is no room for extremism and bigotry.

We have to rebuild our society on sound basis through sound education so that the dream of prosperous, progressive and forward looking Pakistan is realized. I think, sound education is the best antidote to the evils inflicting Pakistan.

New education policy for 2009 is available at the website of ministry of education for Pakistan. The particular policy vision formulated by the ministry of education is education is a categorical imperative for individual, social and natural development .the system should produce responsible enlightened citizens to integrate Pakistan in the global framework of humane centered economic development. The implementation of education policy is a huge task, and it is the area which does not caters to the needs.

The implementation of the policy vision should start right from the class room from where the future generation of the nation is trained and taught citizen ship. it should be non discriminative and democratic. Students should be treated as an individual and not as group of persons. Individuality of everyone should be appreciated and progress should be built on the strengths of the students and weaker areas should be dealt with affection, tolerance and positive reinforcement, student will carry these qualities to practical life .the basic objective of education should be lifting of fear from student's mind so that creativity is not crushed. Aristotle says 'knowledge is virtue' through sound education and learning individual imbibes virtue and gets opportunity to re engineer himself/herself which has become a pre requisite for survival in the global village.

All of us should contribute something for the better future of Pakistan. An American president told his peoples at his inauguration ceremony 'ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country'. For every Pakistani there is precious little choice left.  -Submitted by Fida Karim Shoghore, Chitral


Improved education opportunities for all


I strongly feel  that education opportunities should be available equally to all the children and youth of the country. For that I have two proposals. Firstly, like proposed earlier by another writer, the syllabus and books should be same in all educational institutions (both government and private) upto the secondary level. If that is not possible, then alternately I suggest, privatise all government schools as they are a burden on the government exchequer and also responsible for falling educational standards.

In this way at least the government school buildings would be better utilized and also the standard of education would improve due to competition in the private schools visibly absent in government schools. --Submitted by Muhammad Ajmal Khan Advocate, Chitral


Root cause of our problems

Currently, Pakistan is at the cross-road of its history. Beset with numerous crises of huge proportions the country seems to be bogged down in a quagmire. The leadership is on a catch-22 position as to how steer out of this troublesome situation triumphantly. Every possible effort is put in to put the house in order but to no avail. The question arises that what are those factors that have brought us to this sorry pass.

Obviously those at the helm of affairs are not that much serious about the root cause of the problems and seek a durable solution beneficial for the entire nation in the long run.

Unless and until the root cause of the current situation in our country is not identified for good the problem can not be solved with mere lip-services of the powers that be. So far as my knowledge goes there are core problems in Pakistan at this point that are threatening the social, political and economic fabric of the country.

This is no overstatement that corruption has plagued it beyond repair. The institutions are infested with corrupt officials in most cases; and the accountability system to bring to book the culprits has met a failure in the known history of Pakistan due to lack of transparency. The bad effect of corruption in Pakistan has affected all departments of the government but the irreversible damage to education system is conspicuous. The mal practices in the education system that we see in the present times need to be paid much heed to so that the entire nation can be properly educated to fight this menace on their own.

The judicial system till recent times has remained almost dysfunctional legitimizing the extra constitutional actions the military dictators. This in turn has provided the military dictators to unleash victimization in order to perpetuate their illegal rule. Many a corrupt functionaries in the government machinery sought protection under their umbrella while a number of them were subjected to political victimization for their bold resistance to the military rule. We hope that the re instated Chief Justice take up the assignment with a renewed vigor to purge this important institution of corruption.

The distribution of wealth is totally unfair in the country.. The deserved are not given their due share leading ultimately to social injustice. Capitalistic mind-set should be done away with by introducing the Islamic system of equity and fair play. This is very important given the rising wave of militancy in the country. The viable solution lies in the the prevalence of social and economic justice to defeat the menace. Unfortunately, short term strategies are preferred to long term strategies fetching us little success in overcoming the crises. No one care about individual responsibility to contribute in the progress and prosperity of the country.

This is high time that our leadership rose to the occasion and addressed the root cause of the problems that Pakistan confronts at present keeping long term strategies in mind. --Submitted by Khalid Pervaiz, Booni Chitral.


A much needed Change


Since independence 1947, Pakistan has been made a laboratory of politics where the general public has been subjugate under each phase of time. The vision that the great leaders had for Pakistan was never visualized on ground by the political leadership of our country. Keeping aside the Islamic mode of governance and being reluctant to the Islamic injunctions they have proved to be good students of Micavillen Politics. Yet another western philosopher says man is by nature very selfish. This has been witnessed throughout the course of history/

The unstable nature of politics is not a new phenomenon for example, Italy sees changes in the political leadership very often but what remains constant is the system of governance which leads to continuity of good policies. But in our case the whole country is burnt for to please a single politician.


Examples not necessary! Here in Pakistan the values change once a certain political party exits and the other makes entry. The democratic traditions have not been given a chance to nourish, as we all hear and read but the question is 'Whether that guarantees good governance?' to be honest to ourselves it doesn't. Once you make goals based present policies (the incremental approach) it saves the precious time and money and labor. Unfortunately we our elected leadership had never acted on our behalf.


Even if some MNAs from the common folk make their way to NA, where policies are made for the country, they don't have a say in the process of policy making. The biggest trauma with our country is perhaps the National Assembly is a house full of feudal lords. When the elites act on behalf of the common man they do not come down the problems of general public rather they have something else in their minds, to perpetuate their aim they make policies apparently for the benefit of the people but in the long run they don't even give a damn to the issues of the poor public. Let's take one example, since ages it has been the demand of the people that there should be a uniform standard of education for all. Rarely it has been discussed by the policy makers but it has never been to their interest that's why they never come up with concrete measures regarding thereof.

Now if the country is outsourced (Ministers, CM, PM, the president etc.) then the notion of democracy fades away. It would be a new social contract keeping the older aside where the masses expressed their opinion through polls to elect their leaders. But here in Pakistan leaders are born (in the same families astonishingly) never made. The masses super impose their so-called cherished leaders and they don't look for a change. We need to exorcize out the apathetic and literally illiterate politician if we want to be in the race of prosperous nations. Mr, Fardad Ali Shah's 'Suggestion for a system of governance in Pakistan' shows a paradigm shift in the make up of governments and political institutions.


Though models like polycracy have evolved in countries like the United States but it seems to be a futile exercise as well. The essence of good governance lies in the notion that the masses should benefit as they are the real stakeholder of all the policies being made. But democracy has remained a lucrative business for a few interest groups in the society and ignoring the majority. For any system of governance tailored to the needs of the nation it is indispensable must that there is a public realization. Until and unless the public does not heed to the problems and issues related to the system of governance in rule nothing handy could evolve.


The genesis of a good system of governance is the realization by the masses and a foreseeing acumen that would make clear the pros and cons of a particular group in rule or system in use. On the contrary our nation has remained blind wittingly with a bias of political loyalties. This die hard approach has created political elite which does not even practice democracy within their own party. The concept of vote banks for particular candidates makes the democracy good for nothing.

Keeping in view the track records of political systems tried out in Pakistan one can easily see what are the forces that have been severe impediment in the way of good governance. Flush out the feudal lords from politics and the country is sorted!! --Submitted by Syed Gohar Ali Shah, Islamabad.



A Proposed Strategy to Teach Islamic Management Sciences in the Madaris for Enhancing their Positive Role in the Society

The Islamic ideological state of Pakistan is at an escalating war with the militia segment of Madaris students -the Taliban. In this CN "Idea" we recognize the complex historical and geo-political causes of the rise of the warring Taliban and the conflict that our nation faces as a consequence. However, the focus of our CN Idea will be on a single and simple point, that in our view, can be the basis of integrating the Madaris and their students into the mainstream Pakistani society in a much positive and productive manner.

In the first place we acknowledge that Madaris are providing educational services to about 6 million poorest of the poor children of our own nation. India, Bangladesh and Indonesia are some of the other countries where Madaris also play a similarly significant role in their respective societies. In Pakistan, like the other countries cited, Madaris are financed by (the over Rs. 96 billion) charities, awqaf and zakat contributed by the public annually. Hence Madaris are not a source of burden on our public resources. It is therefore, highly appreciable that Madaris are offering educational services to the poorest of the poor without burdening the government resources.

However, there is an extremely serious problem with the curriculum of Madaris in that it is entirely ancient in content and inspiration. Hence the Madaris do not prepare their graduates to participate in the development process, to contribute to it and to benefit from it. Therefore, the strategists of the Afghan-Soviets war and other mini Jihads were and are able to create a strong employment-market for the Jihadi services of the warring Madaris students.

Thus reforming the curriculum of Madaris has been the center of proposals for enhancing the positive role of Madaris in our societies (for the large intellectual and policy work done all over the world on this subject, see, this Google search result: However, all the suggestions of reform are vehemently rejected by the Management of Madaris on the pretext that these proposals are conscious attempts of "secularization" and Western indoctrination.

To address this dilemma, our CN Idea is an analogy on the Malakand "Nizam Adl Legislation". Pakistan, as an Islamic state cannot say "no" to Islamic legislation, The law must however, be interpreted and implemented by the state and its institutions and
and this cannot be left to groups of people.. Therefore, we suggest that the federal government shall force the Madaris to introduce the following courses in their curriculum at various stages:

Islamic Accounting and Auditing Standards

Islamic Financial Management

Islamic Banking

Shariah Supervision of Businesses

Strategic Management of Awqaf and Zakat Organizations

Islamic Economics

Islamic Capital Markets and Asset Management

Numerous other related courses.

Introduction of these and related courses will develop professional competencies of the Madaris graduate in the modern management sciences. On the other hand, the booming global Shariah-based businesses will beneficially employ the new breed of the professional as opposed to the warring Taliban.

We expect that many Madaris will not object to such a home grown strategy of curriculum reform. In case of non-acceptance by some Madaris, the state institutions will have higher moral grounds and public support to enforce the reform like that of the enforcement of the Malakand "Nizam Adl Legislation".

We understand that this CN Idea has the potential of bringing a far reaching positive change in the Madaris educational system and hence in promoting an inclusive economic development. Through CN we urge the provincial and federal governments to consider the proposed strategy seriously. It can be expected that advisory and technical assistance from relevant international organizations and Islamic banks will be readily available for capacity building and strategy implementation. --Submitted by A Chitrali.


Suggestion for a new system of governance in Pakistan


Systems of government in practice do not come from heaven; they are man made and thus always are subject to modification and alteration according to the requirements of the time.


As democracy and dictatorship have both been alternately tested in Pakistan time and again without positive results, a new system of governance is what is needed to be tried out.


According to the new system politics should be put aside for some time and Government appointments including President, Prime minister, Governors, Ministers , etc should be appointed on merit. Now the key question is who will decide the merit. The answer is:  Let the machine do it as it will be fair and square!


According to my proposal, advertisements should be floated for the posts of  president, prime-minister, governors ministers, etc and any Pakistani who meets the basic laid down qualifications in the constitution should be eligible to to apply for it.


Tests, formulated by world experts, supervised by the UN, should be conducted on the internet. The tests should be exhaustive and include every requirement for the job. It should also include psychological tests to check the elements of human values ie honesty, integrity, dedication etc. 


The results of these tests will give us the most suitable persons for the job.  Why is  bureaucracy in our country  always getting the better of politicians is because the former is a product of some kind of a process (though far from being ideal) of selection on merit.

Politicians making the government in the present system do not have to be capable. What we have experienced thus far is that they are either incapable or are too much entangled in the trivial and (mostly personal) demands of their 'supporters' and henchmen, to take Collective, bold, independent and healthy decisions in the interest of the country or their respective constituency.  This is the root cause of our problems and has never been paid attention to.

Capable people selected on merit after thorough grilling through elaborate tests would do wonders to the country which is not poor in resources, but has been grossly mismanaged all the time. --Submitted by Fardad Ali Shah, Chitral.


Standard syllabus in educational Institutions


I suggest that syllabus and text books of all the schools in the country should be the same. The syllabus should be carefully prepared by experts, keeping a balance and should be equally applicable at my village school as at the Aitcheson College.  Similarly exams should be held simultaneously in the whole country and the question papers should be the same. The high standard of a school would then be judged by the performance of its students instead of high fees and foreign textbooks etc. This will bring harmony and social equality in the society and genuine merit would be identifiable easily. --Submitted by Faridul Haq, Chitral.



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