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Cruelty to Animals -letter

These days the Municipal Administration is busy terminating stray dogs which are in abundance in Chitral town. Whereas the underlying idea of checking the spread of stray animals who pose environmental and health hazards, is good,  but the cruel way the dogs are terminated can be replaced with more humane and compassionate methods. Presently poisoned meat is fed to them and they are left to die a slow death. Many a times adulterated poison (adulteration being part of our culture) makes their miseries worse prolonging the animal's suffering. Many animal lovers would object to the very idea of killing the dogs, so their wish will also be honoured if instead of killing the dogs ruthlessly, they are sterilized through medicine in their food or through injections, so that they cannot reproduce, and thus the purpose is solved. without compromising on the 'cruelty to animals factor' which is an essential part of Islamic teachings as well as common with all religions.  --Muhammad Asif, Chitral, 28 July 10.


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