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Message to all Pakistanis -letter

I was watching a popular tv show a while ago and the topic was whether the youth of Pakistan is disheartened with the situation of Pakistan. It was heartening to see that the young generation is very positive in approach and very optimistic about tomorrow. But just one though crossed my mind. The platform on which the youth had been collected together was one with an air of patriotism and I'm sure adrenaline was rushing through everyone's veins due to the positivism being transferred to each other by the participants. I asked myself, 'how long will this feeling last?'


We as humans have this weakness of switching modes very frequently. I respect the feelings of the youth that was present there and also of all people who have love for Pakistan. But aren't we also the ones who very conveniently throw our garbage out on the streets to keep our personal residences clean. Aren't we the ones who without looking twice litter roads, markets and picnic spots. Aren't those, who harass the daughters of this nation ,just normal people from among ourselves?Are we not the ones who sell poor quality merchandise and consumer goods for double the price, who steal and rob or cheat in examination halls. Who deprive someone worthy of their seat by just one phone.


It is easy to say Pakistan Zindabad or Long Live Pakistan but it is very hard to actually mean it. This is not a matter of physical gestures, of making emotional speeches with our tongues, supporting them with our facial expressions and excited voices. This is something that is deeper. The love for this land should involve our soul, our spirit.It requires a strong commitment, indestructible focus and only then a brighter and prosperous Pakistan can be attained, InshaAllah. All our efforts, whether we our politicians, businessmen, lawyers, doctors, engineers, students or farmers should revolve around working towards a better and brighter Pakistan and promoting nationalism. Only then can we bring the words 'Pakistan Zindabad' to life. I hope all Pakistanis will think about this message that I have always wanted to convey. May Allah be with us all.Ameen. --Zeenat Khan, Islamabad,16 Dec 2010


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