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Is it cricket or our lives? -letter

My earliest memories of watching a cricket match go back to the mid fifties at the Peshawar garrison ground , a test match at that , between Pakistan and the MCC , i do not recall much about the outcome , but i do remember the atmosphere and the civility prevailing. Sadly the game of Cricket is no longer a game which used to be ,an epitome of gentlemanly conduct and fairplay it is now all about a show of conquest and big bucks , thanks to the Aussies and the Indians who have made it into a spectacle sport with players being bought and sold and bookies making it a gambling den, However where national pride figures individuals and teams fight fiercely in competition , the Ashes is a telling example and no quarter is given or expected


.Forgive the preamble but the cricket scene in Pakistan has incorporated the worst of this new mold of the game and being one of the few disciplines left where Pakistanis are allowed international participation , we have continued to heap disgrace on our selves , the latest sordid saga is enfolding in England..


 What is it with us, does the fault lie in our genes that Pakistanis have become a symbol of all that is base and derogatory, the last few years have seen us plummet to the bottom of any international rating and just when one thinks that we have hit rock bottom that we bring more ignominy , is this our destiny , are we going to become the laughing stock of the world, the butt of ridicule and jokes , is this what we are going to bequeath our future generations , from Jinnah to Zardari what a fall, i am afraid yes, this will be our fate because those of us who feel and can make a difference have become vegetative and can only moan and whinge , so either escape to foreign shores or curl up and die unless we are willing to sit up and muster gumption to fight this cancer that has mestasised into every organ and facet of our being ,. --by Javed Khan, Islamabad, 31 Aug 10.

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