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Please don't burn our Holy book -letter

According to news reports, the Non-denominational church in Gainesville Florida, USA plans to host an "International Burn a QURAN Day " on 9th anniversary of 9/11, from 6 to 9pm, at church. The news can be read and viewed here.

We request the planners not to indulge in such a heinous act., Otherwise how can the Christians hope to solicit the goodwill of Muslims. I hope sanity will prevail and misguided individuals will not be allowed to put the much needed interfaith good relationship at stake. --by Zeenat Khan, Islamabad, 31 Aug 10.

Comment 1

God forbid if this happens, my question to Obama Administration will be, 'is this what democracy means and allows to happen in the United States of America'? Nothing could be more heinous than allowing desecration of the Quran, 'holy book' of over one billion Muslims. -- by Shah Karez Chitral, 01 Sep 10


Comment 2

With reference to the letter I would like to point something into light. Up till now the movement of western radicals has been adverse brewing affect on Muslims. The act of blasphemous caricaturist, sacrilegious move to ‘To draw Muhammad’ competition and now ‘burning Quran’ is another heinous act to humiliate Muslims ridiculing their Holy book, Great Prophet and even their faith. I think it is one in the sequence of pre-planned lobby to further disfigure Muslims dwindling image to serve their interest easily like to revert the move to build Mosque (Islamic Centre) in USA by branding Muslims as terrorists and Islam a religion of ………….?
Last backlashes of these heinous acts have proved that we are emotionally being tortured easily and as a result we destroy our own property indiscriminately whether it is public or private and even lose many lives in last episodes. In this zero-sum game we are losing but they have been gaining. We should instead of destroying our own property launch such a movement to bring all Islamic school of thoughts under one umbrella of Islam, configuring minor differences to have a counter lobbying force against this media war via media platform by intellectuals and religious scholars.
The Bush Administration created perception of Islamo-phobia, provided space for western radicals a chance to perpetuate yawning gap between Muslims and the world branding all Muslims terrorists after 9/11.
This demeaning scenario demands heartfelt response from Obama Administration, Inter-Faith Harmony activists and Human Rights champions to assuage increasing assault on Muslims faith and feelings and prove democracy and pluralism as an agent of civilized nations. -- by Alhaj Muhammad Khan, Charun Chitral, 02 Sep 10


Comment 3

The point to be noted here is that while the church is planning 'burn a Quran day', the American Muslim councils are planning 'Share a Quran' dinners and distributing 100,000 copies of the Quran among heads of states and other people. Now this is what I call a positive way to react. If we , in return start burning the Bible or start harming Christians it would only give them more reasons to make their case stronger , trying to prove we worship the devil. Even in the Quran Allah swt says that wrongdoings should be removed by good deeds. I think the Muslims all over the world should follow suit to prove that Islam actually is a religion of peace and not destruction. --by Zeenat Khan, Islamabad, 03 Sep 10.


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