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Lowari tunnel opening, optimal utilisation demanded -letter


As the Lowari pass would be closed any time now, it is requested that arrangements be made well before time for timely opening and smooth traveler friendly arrangements at the tunnel, learning from last years mistakes. Last year  travelers faced great hardships due to poor arrangements at the tunnel. It is hoped that same will not be repeated this year.


Last year just two hours were given for tunnel usage which was insufficient and caused great problem for travelers. The timings for opening of the tunnel should be between 0900 hrs to 1700hrs and proper reception arrangements should be made for travelers at both ends.


Unevenness of the tunnel floor and uncontrolled flow of seepage water in the tunnel should be checked and channelised on the sides before opening it. These are minor works wanting only few hours of bulldozer effort.


A tax of Rs 100 can be imposed on each vehicle passing through the tunnel, provided the money doesn't go down the well, but is used for facilitating the tunnel users. 


It is hoped that NHA authorities will make amends for last years failures in providing smooth and efficient tunnel service to the people.  --Arshad Ali, Chitral, 31 Oct 10.


Comment 1

Last year despite no work going on inside the tunnel it was opened for only two hours daily due to sadistic attitude of NHA administrators of the tunnel.


There is still no work going on inside the tunnel and if it would have been kept open during summers, millions of dollars in imported fuel would have been saved for the country. We hope now when the pass closes, the tunnel would be kept open round the clock or at least from dawn to dusk. There is simply no justification for not doing so.


 I do not agree with the imposition of Rs 100 per vehicle tax on tunnel crossing. In all probability the tax money would be gobbled up by the collectors and no benefit would be transferred to the travelers. Let the NHA provide the facilities from huge funds they are getting to maintain the tunnel.  --Muhammad Bilal, Chitral, 01 Nov 10


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