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Girls College Booni and Education -Letter

About three years ago GGDC Booni was under-construction at snail speed. Our representatives expedited it and made possible necessary arrangements last year for the initiation of classes. Most of the people of upper Chitral were very happy with this dedicated step. Last year when college announced admissions for first year and third year classes formally, quantitative approach was used to apply in admission process. Everyone has been given admission without considering pre-conditions and standard parameters of today, although we had imagined that this Institution would be made a perfect example of quality education for girls.

This indiscriminate criterion of admission was with good intention but its implications have been challenging. It put a demanding task before the educational institution to provide faculty members and particularly arrangements for more than 300 hundred students in a class. Those who are engaged and having experience of teaching would certainly realize that what would this mean.

All governmental Institutions are built, as I know, systematically keeping in view educationally conducive environment for learning but these available ideal class rooms, laboratory, library, playgrounds and even hostel was not enough to house these students. Few teaching staffs most among them were daily waged and internees were insufficient to accommodate these students and guarantee worldly educational demands. It was also a challenging task particularly for professionals to do justice with their profession and it correspondingly caused more problems for the teachers to apply worldly recognized teaching learning strategies in practice. Some teachers frankly said that our time of class usually lapsed before the completion of attendance. This was the situation and result of unwittingly adopted educational policy.

Poor people had admitted their talented children there with a hope that they would be able to get qualitative knowledge with least costs, under the aegis of highly qualified professionals in the conducive and disciplined environment, turned into a myth.  What they had expected to be available in this college, appeared an ideal dream. Those who either left for another or remained in this institution were great losers.
Few incredible steps in upper Chitral for the noble cause i.e. education, had paved way for more qualitative development and led to the introduction of private institutions and competition among them. This competition had guided qualitative approach-based initiatives in educational field.

The philosophy of access in this era of meritocracy and competition adversely affected not only quality of education but also holistic development. The pace of competition, as a result got reversed and real marathon towards qualitative approach, meritocracy and competition is getting weaker once again in upper Chitral.

I would like to forward my humble request to concerned authorities of educational department and GGDC Booni, not to make this educational Institution a centre for access, but an epitome of quality and example for other institutions, otherwise embedded idea of competition and the courage of looking to the world with open eyes canít be developed by youngsters.

Charun. Chitral.
28 June10.


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